Do you feel like your digital marketing agency isn’t growing? You’re learning, putting in the work but don’t seem to be moving forward when others around you are scaling and growing. I get it—it can be a frustrating place to be. The reality is that your business model could be the thing that’s preventing you from growing and scaling.

My first digital marketing agency was a complete failure.

I was working 40–60 hours a week. I was doing everything I thought I needed to do. I didn’t make any money for two years. Today, I run multiple seven-figure agencies serving hundreds of clients. The thing that shifts everything? The right business model.

The right business model is essential to success in any agency. But what does “right” mean? And how can you find it for your company, or even create a new one from scratch? You need to:

  • Charge the right way
  • Have a systemized product offering
  • Know who is the right fit

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You feel like you’re not growing as quickly as you should, in your digital marketing agency, feel like you’re putting in all of the energy, you’re doing the learning, you’re doing the work. And you’re just kind of staying stagnant kind of look around. And you see other agencies growing, scaling, building success, and you’re just kind of staying at the same place. If so, I want to encourage you, the reality is your business model and the way that you’re operating your agency could be the issue, it could be the thing that’s preventing you from growing and scaling.

Here’s the deal. I started my digital marketing agency back in 2020, building websites, doing hosting, and I worked extremely, extremely hard. But my first business my first agency completely failed. I was working 4060 hours every single week, I was sitting in BMA meetings, I was making cold calls, I was doing everything I thought I needed to do in order to be successful in order to make a business that was going to make money and kind of provide for my lifestyle needs. And literally over the course of two years, didn’t make enough money to pay myself anything. And that was just running and running and running and running and not getting anywhere.

Now, fast forward to today, I run a multiple-seven-figure digital marketing agency serving hundreds of clients. And I run the Seven Figure Agency coaching program where I coach hundreds of agencies that have grown multiple, six figures and seven-figure businesses. And the big difference, the thing that shifted me from struggle to success was having the right business model, which just means charging in the right way, having a systematized product offering figuring out who we’re for and who we’re not for. And it can make all of the difference in being stagnant to being accelerated in your growth.

And so I want to invite you to the event, the Seven Figure Agency Roadmap Live today that one of the things we’re going to start with is business model, right, making sure you’ve got the right business model that is poised for accelerated growth that is poised for success. And so if you believe your business model could be tighter, it could be positioned for better results. And for more accelerate growth for you in your life and in your business. I really want to encourage you to join us click the link here, it’s completely free. Two days, we’re going to unpack the right model that is proven to accelerate the growth of digital marketing agencies. We’re also going to talk about how to land clients deliver world-class results, retain the clients that you have, and scale so you don’t have to do it all yourself.

So get yourself registered. It’s going to be awesome. And I look forward to seeing you there and helping you get your model right. So you can accelerate your growth register now.

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