Hey guys…I hope you are enjoying the holiday break and creating up for a big 2021.

The biggest determinant of your success going into the new year is clarity. Use this time to get laser-focused on your goals, targets & outcomes for 2021.

I’ll be conducting a planning workshop on Tuesday the 5th at 11:00 AM ET.

You can register to join us (free) by going to https://go.sevenfigureagency.com/training

Take this time, a little bit more relaxed, you can see I popped by the office, not necessarily because I’m doing a ton of work right now. But really, because I needed to pick some stuff up at the office, I had some errands to run. So you can see it’s kind of a ghost town here in our office in Miami. But I want to come on this video to talk a little bit about about 2021. And what I believe to be is going to be the number one determinant of of your success going into the new year. And I really believe that that determinant is clarity. clarity, how clear Are you on what you’re going to accomplish? In 2021? Like, to the extent you can be super clear, by the end of the year, I’m going to have this many clients, I’m going to have this much recurring revenue. And then, you know, how does that break down, month over month, quarter over quarter, to the extent you can have that clarity, you can really organize your efforts organize your team around the accomplishment of that goal. Now, I believe that success is goals, all else’s commentary, great, great training by Brian Tracy on the ultimate goal setting program. And I believe that right? If you’re clear on your goals, and you’re focused on the accomplishment of those goals, you’re going to move yourself forward, if you’re not, you’re just going to wind up the comments here, you’re going to be busy, you’re gonna be chasing shiny objects, you’re going to be, you know, trying new things without actually getting momentum now. So might say, Well, yeah, having clarity and a goal is important. But it’s really the the action that’s going to get you the result, right. It’s the calls you make, it’s the appointments you have, it’s the results you deliver for your clients, the action will actually drive your success. But I would argue your thoughts lead to your feelings, your feelings, lead to your, your actions and your actions drive your results. So if we kind of step this back to two, like two or three levels, if you control your thoughts, and you get clear cut, here’s where I’m going to go by the end of the year, here’s how I’m going to make that happen. Well, then that gives you a feeling of Okay, this is the direction, this is where I’m going, I feel confident, I feel energized, I know what I’m going to do. And I’m going to go take action right now I’m going to do the work, which ultimately will give me the results that I’m after. So thoughts, feelings, actions, results. That’s what we’re after. That’s what we want to tap into here in 2021. Hopefully, I don’t get into a too dark of an area here as I as I kind of walk through our office. So my question to you is, Are you clear on what you’re going to accomplish? In 2021? Ideally, yes. Have you developed a plan? Like do you know, here’s where we’re going to be? Here’s how many clients we’re going to have? Here’s what I have to do monthly in order to make that a reality. Right? And if not, then you might need to tune up your clarity, right, you might need to tone up that that 2021 plan. And so I want to invite you to join me I’m going to be doing a live workshop on Tuesday, January 5, right. So that’s our first working day, after the after the holiday break kind of going into this new year. And that’s exactly what we’re gonna do, we’re gonna help you map out your goal for 2021, break it down into quarterly targets into monthly targets. And then most importantly, develop the action plan, what are we going to do in order to make that happen to make that a reality in our lives in our business. So I’ve linked to here on the page, if you go to go dot seven figure agency.com slash training, you can register it’s a free workshop. I could probably charge north of $1,000 for this workshop and the value that you’re going to get from it, and the clarity of the plan. But I really believe I’m on a mission to help 100 digital marketing agencies go to seven figures over the next five years. I believe that the genesis of having a really powerful plan, a really clear strategy will help more of you move forward and kind of accomplish your goals and take things to the next level. So take me up while I’m still offering this planning workshop for free. Join me it’s going to be Tuesday, January 5, click the link here, get yourself registered, it is going to be great. And I look forward to seeing you there get clear, right? Take control of your thoughts so that you get good emotional feelings so that you go ahead and take the action, which ultimately gets you the results and what you’re after going into 2021. That’s it for now. I’ll talk to you later. I look forward to seeing you. Happy New Year and I’ll talk to you soon.

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