Now that you know all about the Agency Concierge Model…

And how it could help your agency generate much better results for your clients…

We’ve got to talk about key performance indicators (KPIs) and costs.

If you’re thinking about hiring a concierge agent for your agency…

But you’re not sure how much to charge your clients for your agent’s services…

Then this post is for you.

We’ll run through quite a bit of numbers here—good, exciting numbers.

So, just stay with me!

Now, I can reveal that you could charge your clients $750 for every 200 calls made by your concierge agent.

That’s how much our member companies pay their concierge provider.

So, let’s say you hire your agent at $15 per hour, with an additional bonus of around $2 per appointment.

And let’s say your agent handles 11 customers at a time.

That means for every agent you have, you’d be producing $8,250 in revenue.

That’s $5,650 in profit per month for every concierge agent that you bring into the agency!

I know this to be true because my good friend Chris runs a concierge service in his agency.

With that, he was able to create $1,040,023 in extra revenue…

And $849,648 in profit just by delivering concierge services.

Like I said, these are nice, exciting numbers to look at.

Even better?

You could start seeing these numbers in your agency…

As soon as you start hiring concierge agents and implementing the Agency Concierge Model.

But truth be told, setting up this model doesn’t happen overnight—especially if you do it on your own.

So, if you want to see those crazy good numbers in your business soon, feel free to reach out.

Together, I’m confident we could accelerate the implementation of the Agency Concierge model in your agency!

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