Are you ready to take 2021 by storm? Do you have clear goals and a rock-solid plan to accelerate the growth of your digital marketing agency going into the new year? In this workshop, we’ll help you map out your plan to CRUSH it in 2021. With clear goals and a well-defined action plan, you will be amazed by what you can accomplish.

Here is what we’ll work through together:

  • How to set clear goals & targets for 2021
  • A proven goal setting & achievement framework
  • How to set specific targets broken down by quarter/month
  • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track & measure
  • How do audit your current business & identify the gaps that are slowing you down

If you follow this plan, it will help accelerate your agency to $1,000,000+ in annual revenue over the next 12-24 months. If you fail to plan, then you are planning to fail. Let’s build our plan to WIN in 2021!

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Outline of This Episode

  • [3:24] The 4 Stages of Agency Success
  • [10:14] Why you want a solid plan for 2021
  • [18:00] The 5 key principles you must follow
  • [24:45] 7 Figure Business Model Fundamentals
  • [34:40] The rule of the 5 one’s
  • [37:44] Make sure you do the money math
  • [41:15] Business model fundamentals to expedite your growth
  • [43:55] Real-world success: Alan Hillsberg
  • [52:53] Use this goal-setting and achievement framework
  • [1:09:40] Set up accountability to reach your goals
  • [1:12:40] You should do THIS vision exercise
  • [1:17:10] Extra-credit exercise: record a video to yourself
  • [1:22:00] The ONE thing that you need to track and measure
  • [1:33:56] How to attract and sign new clients
  • [1:41:30] Ongoing activities to embrace to achieve success
  • [1:48:34] Why you should calendarize your activities
  • [2:00:44] It’s time to get clear on your transition plan

Why you want a solid plan for 2021

Did you take time off for the holidays? Are you struggling to dive back into work in January? Do things feel out of control? Are you dealing with shiny object syndrome? Are you getting distracted by all the new things in the market?

You can’t get distracted and lose sight of your goals. Don’t just be hopeful about the new year—plan for it. Hope is not a strategy. You want to be confident. You want to have a plan to execute. If you don’t take control of 2021 and build a strategy, the reality is that you will wind up exactly where you are now.

Take control of your year and where your agency is going. Create a pathway for profit. What will you do daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly to hit your goals? Spend time making the tough decisions in advance. Step into the year certain about your future.

The 6 key principles you must follow

  1. Success is goals—all else is commentary. When the goal isn’t front and center, you get stuck in the commentary. Write down a goal, track it, measure it, and hold yourself accountable to it.
  2. Cashflow follows your calendar: Where did you spend your time in 2020? That’s the story of where you are right now. Were you just fulfilling for clients? Were you chasing shiny objects? If you spent your time prospecting, putting teams and systems in place, and innovating—you’ll have momentum behind you. Carve out time for the key things that will move you forward in your business.
  3. Think once. The better strategy is to plan in advance. What key activities do you need to do? Block them in your calendar. Don’t make decisions throughout the year—do it now when you’re clear and focused.
  4. Milestone the money-making activities: What personal and business things do you want to accomplish in 2021? Milestone the things that will have the biggest impact in advance. Let everything else fill in around that.
  5. Do a stress test. As you map out your calendar for 2021, take a moment to pause. Will this stuff get you to your goal? Secondly, if you accomplish all of it, will you be overwhelmed? Are you over-committed? Make sure you set goals that you can accomplish without being stressed out. You can scale back.
  6. Put blinders on and work the plan. Don’t buy the next new thing. Don’t try new strategies. Focus on what you know you need to do and implement.

7 Figure Business Model Fundamentals

This is the model we’ve used to accelerate our agency—and 37 of our members—to 7 figures and beyond. If you have the wrong model, you can do all the hard work and still fail to succeed.

The main thing you want is an agency that can scale. It must provide a financial income, it must provide freedom, and it must make an impact. You need to feel like what you’re doing matters.

You need a strategy to land clients consistently. That takes care of the money to pay the bills. To land clients, you need a full funnel. You need to build authority and become the expert in your niche. People need to believe that you’re the expert and once they do, they will pay a premium to do business with you.

You have to deliver results and give your clients a tangible return on their investment. To do that, you need to choose a model in one vertical. You need to package and systematize. You can’t customize to every client. You need systems and procedures to retain your clients long-term. This creates impact. This is the one that’s missed the most often. You need a vision to see where you’re heading next.

What are these successful companies doing differently than anyone else? The people that follow the rule of five ones. Listen to learn what they are!

Make sure you do the money math

Do you have the right financial mechanisms in place? You could hit 7 figures with one client at $83,000 a month. Or you can have 8–9 clients paying $10,000 a month, 83 clients paying $1,000 a month, 166 paying $500 a month, or 830 paying $100 a month. Agencies tend to be on the lower side of the spectrum.

The amount of energy it takes to sell a $500 client is about the same to sell a $2,500 client. The clients that pay north of $2,000 a month are easier to satisfy. I believe there is a sweet spot between $1,000 and $2,000 a month in any vertical. Thousands of prospects will pay at that level for a high-quality program.

Listen to find out how to use the goal-setting and achievement framework—it tells you exactly what you need to do to hit your annual goal.

You should do THIS vision exercise

A goal without emotion behind it is just a number on a piece of paper. You have to be clear on WHY this is important to you. Attach emotion to the amount of work it’s going to take to hit your goals. For me, it’s about impact, taking care of my family, making memories together, etc.

Ask these questions:

  • How many clients will you have?
  • How much recurring revenue will you have?
  • How will you feel when you accomplish your goals?
  • Why is life better as a result?
  • What can you do, have, or experience as a result?

What is the ONE thing that you need to track and measure to hit your annual goal? Listen to find out what it is—and how to do it!

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