I’m super pumped for a BIG week week ahead! Three times per year I bring our agency coaching clients together for “Intensives” where we work on growing our agencies, providing world class service / results to our clients & taking our businesses to the next level.

At this Intensive we have some amazing stuff planned and powerful sessions by Dennis Yu Joe Graisbery Michael Tasner Michael Borgelt Lane Houk Lyn Askin Cesar Quintero Zach Winsett & Jeff Fisher.

It’s going to be awesome!

Alright, well, I just want to shoot this quick video, the seven figure agency members intensive is coming up in just a couple of weeks or depending upon when you’re watching this February 5 and sixth in Miami, and we’re going to shoot a quick video just to kind of walk you through what to expect. You guys are always like, okay, we’re there, we’re going to be there. But it’s always nice to have some idea what’s coming up and what what you can expect. So we’ve got an amazing two days mapped out for you. I’ve been putting my heart and soul into this over the past week, and I really believe this will be the best intensive to date. I think that if you can just take what we cover on the first day, there’s no question you should be able to go out and build a seven figure digital marketing agency. I feel that good about it. So the first session is going to be the dream 100 initiative. You’ve heard me talk about this. Of course you read it about it in the ultimate sales machine by Chet Holmes. In this session, we’re going to be unpacking this process, how to narrow your how to narrow your list, how to really make sure you’ve got it fine tuned, and then how to put together the outreach team. Which is the most important part, leveraging multi touch, direct mail, email, social messenger text messaging, we’re going to unpack the whole thing. And we’ve got real case studies of other members that have implemented this gone to seven figures and exactly how they’ve built their dream 100 initiative. This one session alone. I’m super excited about it. After that, we have a celebrity guest, Dennis, you. I posted this in the group. A lot of you guys know who he is those of you that don’t. He’s one of the top experts in Facebook ads world renowned, he speaks at the TNC. He’s a speaker at the social examiner. He’s one of the go to guys in Facebook ads. As a matter of fact, his agency, I think manages some of the major fortune 500 corporations, including the the NBA team, the Warriors, so I’ve been following him for quite some time. He has amazing information. He’s got a lot more information lately on specifically, you know, internet marketing for agencies, and so he and I connected I love doing He was talking about short one minute videos and how that works extremely well how to leverage Facebook ads. He’s going to be unpacking specifically how to land clients in our digital marketing agencies leveraging Facebook ads, and he’s going to an exercise we’re going to go through to show us how to create really good one minute videos. The fact is when people when people watch video on their on their iPhones, they’re not watching 510 15 minutes, they’re watching like 30 seconds to a minute. And so he’s going to share some cool ideas and actually have us build that process while we’re there. Amazing session.

And then we’re going to dive into something we’ve used for quite some time. And that’s the case study builder. One of the most powerful tools we have in our bags is social proof, right? We have to be able to show our clients that we know exactly how to get them results. And the best way to do that is to unpack case studies. And Mark Peachtree recently posted a video how he went from 23,000 to 80,000 over the last year and a half and a big proponent of that was A case study that was then promoted on social media. And it just turned into a lot of new clients and a lot of growth for him. And a lot of the other members of ourselves included leverage case studies extremely effectively. And so we’re going to be unpacking exactly how to create case studies, using zoom and or using your webcam to, you know, showcase the results that you get for your clients. And then also magnify those results through syndication, and Facebook advertising. So that’s day one. I’m like really could not be more excited. I really believe that three session combination has extremely powerful ramifications for you. So that’s what we’re going to do on day one, your head will be full, but more importantly, we’ll be working on stuff as we go. Now, going into day two, we’re going to focus more on the delivery side of the equation. How do we now make sure we’re serving our clients? Well, how do we make sure that we’re getting them great results and we retain them long term. So we’ve got a great session. I’m calling the ranking around table. Most of us do search engine optimization at some level, or we should be. And so we’re going to be talking all about how to get your clients ranked the latest changes in the Google algorithm here in 2020. I’m going to be sharing our latest ideas. And then I’ve got some of our top SEO experts in the group are going to be sharing their best ideas, strategies and tactics, will walk away with a lot more clarity on what we need to do from an SEO perspective to get our clients ranked on page one for the most important keywords in the GMB and crushing it from an organic perspective. Then we’re going to talk about scaling your content creation, right in order to serve our clients whether we’re doing SEO, we’re running Facebook ads, we’re blogging for them recruiting social posts, we have to have content and as we grow and as we scale from one client to take clients to hundreds of clients, that becomes a battle right and do we develop our own writing team do we hire freelance writers? We have Joe grains Barry from SEO content hero with us Who scaled the massive content team. And it’s going to be talking about the pros and the cons. And really what you can do to simplify your content creation, make sure you have world class content for your clients, and that you’ve got a scalable model to get the content done while still serving your clients at a world class level that we’re going to we’re going to take a little bit of time around midday on day two, to celebrate progress. You know, I’m a big believer that you get more of what you celebrate. So we’re going to celebrate those of you that have moved from, you know, startup to significant to success to scale, all the way to significance. And we have some very exciting annual awards. So we’re going to be recognising the Rookie of the Year, the company that kind of started in 2019 and had the fastest growth. We’re going to celebrate the fastest growing company of 2019, the company that you came into the year and just had the most growth and momentum, and we’re going to be recognising the agency of the Year for 2019 company that had the most top line growth, the fastest growth, and they will be recognised in front of their peers, something really exciting and fun to do, and something we should all aspire for right? Making sure that we’re crushing it, and that we’re growing our agencies at the clip that we should. From there, I’ve got a very special session, we’re going to talk about how to develop your leadership team. You know, we’ve talked about how to scale we’ve talked about how to put systems and procedures in place, but in this session, it’s going to be all around how do you develop not just people in your team, but leaders, people that can step into roles that can understand their complete function, and can be responsible for innovation and for the KPIs within that area? in the company. I tell you that when we signed up for EOS, the entrepreneur operating system, we hired an implementer named Cesar and started to develop our leadership team. Everything changed and went from me and Dean trying to figure out everything on our own, running around like chickens with their heads cut off to having a leadership team. that own the accountability within the company, which really freed us up to focus on what we do best. And I think that as you guys grow is going to be one of the most important things you need to be thinking about. And so who better to run that session? Then Cesar Quintero, who is our implementer for a year or less, and it’s going to be talking about EOS in general, but he’s going to really be drilling down on how do you develop your accountability chart? And how do you build your leadership team. So the contents going to be awesome, I feel extremely good about what you’re going to learn what you’re going to walk away with. But I want you to know, it’s not just about the information that you get from the intensive, really what what you can’t put your thumb on is the is the energy that you get from being around other successful people, even if the content was terrible, which it’s not when you can enter a room of 50 6070 highly successful digital marketing agencies that are playing all out that are completely committed to your success. Just being in that environment changes your energy changes the way that you approach the day. It gives you a new sense of enthusiasm and excitement. So there’s going to be massive energy, there’s going to be opportunity to develop relationships. So as you know, we keep these these sessions very, very workshop oriented. So it’s not just me or one of the speakers speaking, it’s you engaging with the person next to you, talking about your challenges talking about your goals. And of course, we’re going to go to dinner on on the first night as a group, we’ve got a great restaurant where we can all be in the same place. And there’s just something powerful about networking with these other successful people getting to know them. Three things I’ve seen happen at the intensives friendships get formed. You know, when you’re when you’re hanging out with like minded people, you wind up bonding and you create lifelong friends. I’ve got some of my greatest friends that I’ve met as a function of this group and I know others in here have as well. The other thing you find is strategic alliances. There are people that do white label, there are people that specialise in areas that you might be waiting In your company, and you might just find that perfect strategic alliance that you can bounce against. And the third is joint ventures, we find people that joint venture together, people that partner together and wind up really taking their business and lives to the next level. So you just plugging into the network is extremely powerful. And you’re going to walk away with a very clear plan, like we always put a lot of information in, we make sure that it’s relevant to growing scaling and taking your digital marketing agency to the next level, but we also bring it down to the next 90 days. What are you going to implement? What are you going to get done? What are the goals? What are the objectives? So I promise you, this is going to be completely awesome. It’s going to be worth your time. I hope you can tell. I’m super excited about it. And I’m super pumped to see you guys. February 5, and sixth in Miami, at the Marriott date land. If you have questions, feel free to hit me up on Facebook, send me a personal message. Make sure that you’ve got your flight and your travel schedule. Make sure that you get your hotel booked in. Right now it’s either the Marriott or the Marriott courtyard, the kinkier. Those there’s lots of places that you can rent an Airbnb or hotel somewhere nearby in South Florida. So any questions? Let us know. excited to see you there. Have an awesome day and we’ll talk to you soon.

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