As a digital marketing agency owner, you know how challenging it can be to close deals and win new clients. So I wanted to share with you a proven method called The Agency Sales Process, that can help you confidently offer your services and achieve a success rate of 30% or higher. The Agency Sales Process includes five key steps that I discuss in this video.

Watch and learn more about this process now below:

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] The Agency Sales Process: A 5-Step Process
  • [4:07] How to conduct the discovery call
  • [7:13] Pivot to the strategy session
  • [10:28] Walk them through your service offering
  • [12:01] The hot lead follow-up process

Get your prospect to raise their hand

Whether it’s through cold outreach, webinars, podcasts, joint ventures, etc. they need to express interest. From there, you need to do a discovery call to learn about them and their business. Are they a good fit? I like to combine the discovery call with a strategy session. Whether you combine them or keep them separate depends on how they enter your world.

If they came in because they’re already on your list or sat through a webinar, you can use the time to understand their business and then pivot to a strategy session. What are their goals? What have they tried in the past?

Once they’ve scheduled a session we do our due diligence. We look at their website, run a ranking report, analyze where they are now, etc. So when we pivot to offering our services, we can show them where there’s room for improvement.

How to conduct the discovery call

Thank the prospect for taking the time to be there. Share that you start the calls by getting to know them and their organization. If it makes sense, you’ll share what your team found for improvements. Then, if they’re bought in, share what it would look like to do business together.

Don’t start by presenting. Instead, start by asking questions and learning about their business. What are the key services they offer? How much revenue are they doing? What’s the goal for the next 12–24 months? They’ll have no problem answering those questions.

If they say there’s at $1 million per year and want to get to $5 million, find out why it’s important to them. Get them to state it out loud. They need to psychologically sell themselves in the process. Connect the reason to their subconscious desire.

Ask them what they’d done in the past. How is it working? Is there room for improvement? Why do they want to solve their problem now? What are they doing now, why isn’t it working, and why do they want to change? Connect the gaps between where they are, where they want to go, and why it’s important.

Pivot to the strategy session

With their permission, pivot to a strategy session. Show them that you’ve done your research and found ways for them to improve. When you shift to the session, be prepared to show them their website and how it can be altered to help them convert.

We point out things like personality and authenticity (versus stock imagery). You can point out that they don’t have a chat box or online scheduling option, only a phone number. But most prefer to schedule online. Come armed with things you can point out that produce conversion opportunities.

We know that the highest-value lowest-cost prospect comes up organically. 60% of clicks on Google go to the first three positions. Do some searches and see if they appear in the results.

You can also research the top 100 keywords their prospects are searching for and show them how they rank. We talk a little bit about paid search as well as marketing and automation as well.

Walk them through your service offering

If they’re still interested and bought in, ask if they want to walk through your services. They’ll usually say yes, and you can pivot into your program overview. Share that you’ll build the website, get content ranking organically, drive paid traffic, get automation set up to follow up on leads, etc. Ask them, “If we do this for you, will it generate better results?”

Then you can share what you’ve done for other clients you’ve worked with. This gets them excited to move forward. You’re showing them that you can generate the results.

Ask them if they have any other questions, then ask for their business. Share what the cost is and that you can get started immediately. You might get an immediate yes. Others want to be sent an overview of the conversation.

Most people want to sit on it for a bit. Those prospects can still become great clients. But you should engineer a hot lead follow-up, a sequence of communication that moves them from interested to sold. Listen to find out what that could look like!

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