Every industry needs effective marketing services. If you want to build a seven figure agency you’ll do better if you identify a specific industry and even a niche within an industry where you can provide exceptional marketing services and value to specific clients. Kyle Klement has done that by serving high level veterinary offices and optimizing his systems to serve their specific needs. He possesses a wealth of insight about setting up lead generation systems, creating strategic partnerships, lead funnels, and more. He’s moved from half a million dollars in revenue to seven figures within the past four months. That kind of growth doesn’t happen by accident, so be sure you listen to hear how Kyle has scaled his business to seven figures. 

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:13] A niche focused agency that’s pulling in 7 figures
  • [2:29] Key shifts that accelerated the business (clear client, charge more, the right team)
  • [15:50] How Kyle positions his book funnel and referral program
  • [19:20] Getting into associations and working with vendors to generate leads
  • [27:42] Partnering with others who are selling to those you serve (branded content)
  • [33:25] Kyle’s marketing path to create trust and build his client base
  • [38:22] Using an internship program to develop talent and find team members
  • [41:30] How a low-dollar offer assesses prospect fit and wins trust
  • [46:01] Client retention at the highest level
  • [49:00] TIP: Long-term plans make for consistent growth

Have the confidence to charge more, based on your ideal clients

When I asked Kyle to share some of the key changes he made to move his business from half a million to over one million dollars in revenue in just four months, he said that adjusting his pricing was a significant step in the right direction. He had to get past the notion that he should price his services comparable to what his competitors were doing and price based on his customer profile and the value he was providing. He quickly discovered that he could make more revenue almost immediately by communicating the value of his services through an increase in his pricing. Kyle explains it fully on this episode.

Using a book to gain speaking opportunities to address your ideal prospects

Recently, Kyle’s team finished a book called “Digital DVM: A Comprehensive Internet Marketing Guide For Veterinarians.” It’s a how-to book aimed at his ideal clients and if they or their team are willing to do the work revealed in the book, they can do most of what Kyle’s company does, for themselves. But what winds up happening is that most DVM’s and their teams are too busy to learn the skills needed to do a good job with marketing, web development, SEO, etc. They wind up contacting Kyle and his team to investigate what it would take to have the services done for them. Kyle uses the book to reach out to conference organizers and vendors who serve his ideal clients. By giving them the book as a proof of his expertise, he is often able to speak at industry events or develop partnerships that lead to introductions to prospects. Listen to learn how he does it.

You could be one joint-venture away from becoming a 7-figure agency

Joint-ventures are strategic partnerships that are developed to help both parties in the partnership grow their businesses. In Kyle’s case, he often reaches out to the vendors who serve his ideal clients to find ways he can provide them branded content or resources that enable them to better serve their existing clients. As a result, his brand name is going out to new prospects, along with a vote of confidence from his joint-venture partners. That combination provides a consistent stream of leads that he doesn’t have to pay for. This kind of partnership can be the turning point for many marketing agencies, providing the momentum needed to push past the 7-figure revenue mark.

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