In this agency success interview, I chat with Nick Williams of Childcare Business Growth. Nick Williams runs one of the TOP digital marketing agencies serving the local childcare niche. He’ll be sharing how he was able to accelerate his growth to over 7 Figures and what he’s doing to consistently land clients, deliver amazing results, retain & scale his agency.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:49] Learn more about Child Care Business Growth
  • [6:05] What their services look like
  • [11:23] How their business is structured
  • [14:34] How the live events work
  • [17:52] How Nick lands new clients
  • [24:29] How the book works for marketing
  • [27:39] What their delivery model looks like
  • [31:36] How they retain their clients
  • [35:15] What they do in highlevel for their clients
  • [43:29] How they find team members for their company
  • [48:44] Nick’s final nuggets of wisdom

What Childcare Business Growth services look like

Nick notes that their first step is going to a childcare location for a day to film their promotional videos and testimonials from parents. They then do graphic design, brochures, websites, and manage paid traffic online (and all of their backend systems). They use highlevel to manage their CRM. Childcare businesses value how you can help them on the backend. What does that look like? They might have children moving from one age group to another. To improve that child’s experience in the transition, they create automation to make the process smoother for the client.

They work all of this into their $1,500 monthly fee (if the client stays with them for 6 months). Their goal is to have 400 clients globally that are part of an elite group. They will only work with one childcare business in a seven-mile radius.

Nick is very clear that his vision is long-term. It takes him time to recoup the money they spend on the front-end. If their clients get to a point where they’re really happy in 6 months they continue on.

How the live events work

They’re also starting to launch live events (which costs them $30,000). Part of the event will be exclusively for current clients. One day will be opened to 100+ people who are not yet existing clients. They’ll have a mastermind with champagne and gifts on the tables. Nick will share examples of their work during that one-day event. The non-clients will get a chance to speak with current clients during breakout sessions. His successful clients market for him.

Nick points out that most childcare facilities are 80–90% women-owned. Most people don’t expect to see a bald man running things. So Nick brings in 3–4 speakers—consultants in the industry—who are women.

How Nick lands new clients

In the beginning, Nick did work for clients for free to get testimonials to prove the concept and bring in other clients. They had a client in Birmingham in the UK and one in Orlando. They flew to Orlando and spent a day with them and it transformed their business. They launched their book soon after that. They now have 4,000 people in their Facebook group (and it’s growing daily). They’re always running Facebook ads to their book. They also have an email campaign that will push people to their course or a call with them. They have totally transformed their client’s businesses. Success in your niche starts with providing you can deliver what you’re promising.

One of their pre-qualification questions asks if they can accommodate over 30 or under 30 children in their space. If they can accommodate under 30, they know they won’t be a good fit so they push them toward their course. Nick shares that even if someone doesn’t fit their model, it’s still worth investing their time in. It can lead to them sending referrals their way. Why? Because they felt heard and respected.

How do they use their book for marketing purposes? What does their delivery model look like? Listen to learn more!

How they retain their clients

Nick is constantly working to find ways to continue to provide value for their clients. He has a client who has been with them for seven months who went from $0 to over $100,000 in monthly recurring revenue. That client’s center may be full. So what’s the next step? How do you retain a client who doesn’t need more children?

They constantly come up with ways to add value for their clients. For example, Nick is working on creating his own magazine, “Childcare for You.” It will include articles on pregnancy, childcare, and preschool. The idea is to distribute it to customers who can then give them to their “dream 100” customers they want to work with. Clients only get to be a part of this if they’re in it for the long haul.

The magazine and mastermind are both things that are only available for those who pay for the elite service. A simple automation that they create in highlevel for one client can be rolled out for every other client they bring on. What they put in place for clients can also lead to them opening new locations for continued growth. Every time a new location is brought on board, Nick’s business can do their marketing.

So how do they leverage highlevel to bring more value for their clients? How do they recruit team members? How do they run ads for their business? How do they incentivize their clients to get referrals? Listen to the whole episode to learn more from Nick!

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