Listen in as I interview Robb Bailey from Nurture & Close on how he grew his digital marketing agency to 7 Figures & then sold it for a big profit. We’ll talk about how he recommends choosing a niche for your business, deciding on core service offerings, and how he set up and nurtured sequences for his clients and got them results.

Outline of This Episode

  • [10:53] Robb’s background and his agency
  • [3:30] Making 7 figures doesn’t always equal success
  • [6:00] Building a successful agency
  • [10:05] Stumbling into the health & fitness niche
  • [14:40] The framework for choosing a niche
  • [22:20] The services Robb’s business offered
  • [32:38] Robb’s proven revenue model
  • [41:18] How Robb landed 525 gyms
  • [51:20] How to create testimonial videos
  • [57:38] Connect with Robb

Seven figures don’t always equal success

Robb’s first seven-figure agency—in his own words—was a failure. He made every mistake in the book. He didn’t have a coach or a mentor, and ZERO systems and processes in place. No two jobs were ever the same. The foundation he had built his business on was crumbling. It was making seven figures and looked successful on paper, but he found himself working day and night to cover expenses. It wasn’t healthy or sustainable—he was destroying himself.

So he decided it was time to move on and parted ways with his partner. He has experience with WordPress, web development, SEO and more but knew with his next business model he wanted to focus on one core offering. He settled on a scalable business model and learned to say no to anything else. Keep listening to find out how he stumbled into the health and fitness niche!

Robb’s foolproof method for choosing a niche

While Robb’s choice of niche was a matter of luck and good timing, he also developed a successful framework for choosing a niche. He said you need to keep three things in mind:

  1. Start wherever you may have specialized knowledge. That doesn’t mean you HAVE to stick with it, but it gives you a massive advantage when you know how the sales process works in that particular industry.
  2. Look for clients who have business models that mesh with the service you’re trying to provide. The fitness industry worked well for Robb. They bring in consistent monthly revenue whether or not the client shows up and their cost of goods rarely ever escalates.
  3. Assess the length of their sales cycle. You want to be able to demonstrate results in a short time. The shorter the sales cycle and the faster you can get money back in your client’s pockets, the better it is.

The last point gives you a huge advantage in the industry. If you’re offering something like SEO, it can be a longer wait for a return on the client’s investment. So if you focus on something that can get them faster results, you’ll be more likely to retain them in the long run.

Define your core service offerings—and do nothing else

Robb defined three core services he was going to offer and that he found repeatedly successful and offered nothing else. He recommends finding out what your competitive advantage is and sticking with it. His business offered these 3 things:

  1. Lead generation: either through FB or Instagram ads.
  2. Lead nurturing: They not only generated the leads but followed up on them to book appointments.
  3. Database Reactivation: they gained access to their client’s databases of inactive accounts and contacted people to get them to reactivate their membership.

Robb pointed out the most effective thing they did was text messaging prospects. He reported that 96% of their leads scheduled an appointment by text. Scheduling by phone call was a distant 3rd, and attempting to book by email wasn’t worth their time or effort.

He found what worked for his business consistently and leveraged it. His 3 service offerings were the cornerstones of his business and he didn’t need to offer anything else to deliver immense value to his clients. It goes to show you need to find out what generates revenue for your clients and build a process around it—it’s foolproof.

How did Robb land 525 gyms as clients?

Robb found great success in the business model he had created and retained a lot of happy customers. So he started asking them if they’d be willing to record a video testimonial. He’d ask them 3 simple questions and they could say as much or as little as they wanted. The catch was he’d ask them to share the video in their franchise group—a group that marketers would NEVER have access to otherwise.

Here were the three questions he asked:

  • What was it like before you signed up with us?
  • What kind of results did you get?
  • What would you say to someone on the fence?

It’s super simple and got him spectacular results. In just over ONE year, he had over 300 positive reviews and testimonials from clients who loved the results they got working with him. And for every testimonial they shared, he’d be referred to 3-10 clients.

To hear the full story of how he built his business, landed and retained hundreds of clients, and then sold his business—listen to the whole interview!

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