Just wrapped up day two of our strategic planning for 2020.

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Josh Nelson
Morning guys! Hope you’re having an awesome day. I wanted to shoot this quick video. We’re entering day two of our strategic planning with our leadership team here at plumbing and HVAC SEO. And yesterday was all about reviewing the organizational chart, you know, making sure that we’ve got the right people in the right seats. Thinking about, you know, what our what our plan is kind of where we’re going as a company, what our what our strengths, and our weaknesses are and what the opportunities are, and it was good. Good productive team health day, and today is going to be all around the rocks like what are the main rocks that we’re going to get done over the next 90 days and breaking it down by who’s going to do what getting that all mapped out.

What we’re doing with this planning session is actually a part of EOF entrepreneur operating system. If you haven’t read the book Traction by Gina Whitman, I highly recommend it. You know, it really was what enabled us to be able to kind of free ourselves from having to do it all ourselves. The fact is, as the entrepreneur you have to be, the person that comes up with the ideas, implements the ideas, manages things. And as you grow, you need to develop a leadership team, you need to put people in place that can not just do the work, but kind of be responsible for innovating and for improving it for taking things forward. So I’ll highly recommend that if you’re interested thinking about interviewing Caesar, who’s our EOS implementer that kind of runs the sessions with us. Let me know comments if that’s something you’d be you’d be interested in checking out and I’ll kind of you know what, you know what we’re doing throughout the day, so you get a sense of what it’s all about.

We just wrapped up the first session here that was all about the long term vision for the company. So we got clear on where we’re going to be three years from now. Going to be a $10 million digital marketing agency serving 250 plumbing HVAC companies Our conversion application serving 500 plus plumbing HVAC home service companies across the country. So you want to have a long term vision. And then you drill down to the short term, like over the next year, and then you build a really clear 90 day plan. So that’s what we did this first session of the day. We dive back in here and in just a sec.

Alright, so we just wrapped up the third session of the day, you’re going to take a quick lunch break, grab some coffee, and sort of let us know what we did in that third session was all around the one year plan, like we’re, what are the goals for the year where we’re going to end up how many clients so we’re targeting to get to 5 million by the end of 2020. You kind of broke that down by quarter broke that down by month and really got clear on like, logistically what has to change in the company to make that a reality. Yeah, marketing stuff is part of it. But in order to facilitate that number of clients, you know what new team members do we need to have? How does that change the layout of our office? What can we do in order to improve retention? What are the like the four or five key rocks that are going to help make that a reality. So that’s what we worked on during that session. And during the next half the day, it’s gonna be all around. It’s gonna be all around the key rocks, rocks for the next 90 days. So what do we do in Q1 to be on track for that and and make that goal, the one year goal as well as the three year goal or reality. So gonna head back in and dive into that next.

We’re back in, get back to it. Lunch break is over on the cover.

Alright, so we’re wrapping up our two days of strategic planning with the plumbing and HVAC SEO team, setting the vision the goals the rocks for, for 2020. And, of course we get our EOS implementer Caesar here with us. Hey, Caesar, tell us a little bit about what you do at EOS.

So at EOS, we help companies achieve vision, traction and healthy and the team so that people can really plan out and have effective communication and plan out and achieve their goals.

Josh Nelson
Good deal.


Josh Nelson
Well, thanks so much for your help. We really appreciate you facilitating these last two days. Looks like the team is hanging out, even though we’re done, trying to crank stuff out. So is it a good two days guys?

Excellent, ready to go out, crush it for our clients in 2020. Give them better results, and continue to grow the business. Thanks, guys. I’ll talk to you later. Thanks Ceasar.


Josh Nelson
So that’s the scoop. If you fail to plan, then you’re planning to fail. I’ve got itabout an hour and 45 minute training with a 19 page workbook to help you really build your 2020 agency growth plan. So I promise you if you invest in that process, you’re going to be clear on your goals, you’re going to actually be able to develop a plan to make it a reality and your agency will go further faster. So if you’d like to check that out type comments 2020 plan, I’ll get you a link to it completely free of charge. And excited to see you take your agency to the next level in the new year. Talk to you guys later.

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