Keeping a weekly digital marketing blog is an excellent way to bring potential clients to your agency’s website. Your blog content can be a marketing tool to convince potential clients to hire you and improve their trust in your agency. 

However, including the right topics in your blog can enhance its efficacy. Read on to learn five blog topics for your digital marketing agency. 

1. DIY Marketing Tips

When potential clients search for digital marketing agencies like yours, they often do so to find tips and guidance to market their businesses. At first, they may not even consider hiring a digital marketing agency. They may instead wish to create their own marketing strategies — and they can look to your agency for guidance. 

Creating blog posts with do-it-yourself marketing tips can attract potential clients and introduce them to your agency. You can discuss topics such as:

  • How to Enhance Search Engine Optimization For Your Plumbing Business
  • How to Create an Email Marketing Campaign
  • Using Social Media to Market Your Business

At the end of these blog posts, you can specify how your agency can take the burden of marketing off the reader’s shoulders and provide professional, effective digital marketing services. 

2. Choosing a Digital Marketing Agency

Potential clients may also visit your site when they’re considering hiring a digital marketing agency. You can make the lead conversion process easier for them by outlining how to choose the right digital marketing agency — then ensuring that your agency fulfills these qualities. 

Blog topics about choosing a digital marketing agency can include:

  • How to Interview a Digital Marketing Agency
  • The Top Five Qualities to Look For in a Digital Marketing Agency
  • When Should You Hire a Digital Marketing Agency? 
  • FAQ About Hiring a Digital Marketing Agency

At the end of each post, you can detail the simple steps readers can follow to hire your agency. 

3. Discussing Your Niche

You can also draw in potential clients by writing blog posts about their industries. As we’ve discussed, having a niche within your digital marketing agency can allow you to develop expertise and authority for a specific sector, improving your profitability overall. Targeting your blog content toward your niche can help potential clients get their feet in the door with your agency. 

For example, if your niche is dentistry, you can create blog posts about:

  • How to Optimize Dental Patient Scheduling
  • The Top 5 Tools Dentists Need
  • The Latest Trends and Innovations in Dentistry

These blog post topics can help your marketing agency appear within potential clients’ search results, improving brand awareness. 

4. All About Your Agency 

Introducing your team and your agency’s history can help potential clients trust you to provide effective marketing services. While potential clients may not search for these blog posts directly, they can reference them after discovering your agency through another post. 

Here are a few ideas for blog topics centering around your agency:

  • Meet the Team
  • How Our Marketing Agency Began
  • Which Marketing Services Does Your Business Need? 

These blog posts can help potential clients feel more comfortable hiring your agency. 

5. Highlighting Your Clients

You can also create blog posts that highlight your existing clients. These posts can improve retention, as they can help your current clients feel recognized, special, and appreciated. When you write a blog post about a client, they may feel a sense of loyalty to your agency, encouraging them to continue purchasing your marketing services. 

However, blog posts about clients can also act as effective marketing tools. These posts can showcase the results you’ve achieved for clients, helping potential clients understand the benefits of hiring your agency. Potential clients can realize how successful their businesses could be with your agency’s help. 

Here are a few blog post ideas that highlight existing clients:

  • Client Shoutout: Congrats on $10,000 a Week, Local Plumbing Business!
  • An Interview With John Smith, Owner of Local HVAC Company
  • How We Helped Local Dentist Office Improve Profitability and Grow Their Patient Load 

The above blog topics for your digital marketing agency can also serve as podcast topics. Learn more about the top digital marketing podcasts. 

You can also use your blog to hint at topics in your book. We’ve discussed how books can be valuable marketing tools for your agency. Combining your expertise in your blog with the more comprehensive topics in your book could give your readers a push to hire your agency. 

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