Here’s a problem I see in many agencies:

They are forced into niches that they’re not passionate about.

That means they don’t know anything about it.

But why would they do that?

There are two reasons:

  • The niche they’re passionate about has high competition.

A lot of agencies have already established their share in that market.

So, if you own a new agency, it’ll be hard for you to compete in that niche.

Don’t get me wrong – it’s still possible to succeed.

But it’ll be harder.

You have to offer something incredible that all the other agencies haven’t done before.

But if you don’t have that…

  • They end up choosing a niche they know nothing about because it’s a blue ocean niche.

By blue ocean, this refers to a space in the market where there’s little to no competition.

As such, it’s easier for an agency to dominate that niche…

…Even if it’s not something they’re passionate about.

This now begs the question:

How can you dominate something you know nothing about?

The best way is to take the time to learn about it.

As you learn, document everything that you find out about that niche.

Then, you connect it with your skills.

Based on what you know about this blue ocean niche…

What service can your agency offer?

That’s how you build the foundation of your agency’s services.

Apply what you learn to the systems and processes that’ll make your agency work in that niche.

You can also use that to teach your clients about what you do.

Make them understand it well so they’ll appreciate the value that you’re bringing to them.

Just remember one thing:

Keep learning.

No matter what you’ve done in that blue ocean niche, don’t stop learning.

Keep looking for ways to innovate your service.

If you can show your clients new ways to deliver impressive outcomes…

They’ll stay as recurring clients…

And they can help your agency thrive and grow.

Who knows? 

You might end up developing a new passion out of this blue ocean niche.

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