Here’s one thing that frustrates many agency owners:

Leads going cold before their client could convert them.

If only there was a way to generate leads for our clients…

…while also helping them nurture those leads until they’re converted, right?

Well, we might not be able to step in and do all the nurturing for our clients.

But there are some things we can help them with to improve their conversion rates. 

One thing you can do is give your clients an idea of what typically turns leads cold: 

1 – The 15-Minute Rule

Let your clients know that when leads aren’t followed up within 15 minutes…

They move on. 

There’s some solid research on this—even Harvard has weighed in on the topic. 

In fact, some studies claim the magic number for that initial follow-up is closer to two minutes or less. 

Either way, if your clients aren’t reaching out to their leads quickly enough…

The leads start feeling ignored. 

And when people feel ignored, they leave. 

2 – Five to Seven Follow-Ups

Here’s another interesting nugget: 

Those potential customers who don’t say “yes” during the initial call? 

They need a bit of nurturing, a gentle push. 

Research shows it takes around five to seven follow-ups before they’re ready to take the plunge. 

Whether your client wants them to book an appointment or set up a strategy session…

Building that connection with leads over time keeps them warm. 

3 – Text, Don’t Call

Here’s a fascinating trend in customer behavior we can’t ignore: 

People are leaning more toward text messages than phone calls. 

So, if your clients’ entire conversion strategy revolves solely around phone calls…

They’re missing out on some golden opportunities. 

Imagine telling your clients these things. 

It’s a simple story of their leads coming in, but not being followed up on quickly enough. 

Then, you just gotta ask… 

Do they have someone who can follow up with inbound leads within 15 minutes? 

Do they have a system for following up consistently, about five to seven times?

Do they have the tools to communicate with leads through texts instead of calls?

Because if not…

Then you already know the first step towards fixing their conversion woes.

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