I’m a big fan of automation.

I rave about it all the time.

I implement it on my own agency and those of my clients whenever it makes sense.

But even a raving fan like me is aware of the limitations of automation.

…And you should be, too.

See, when it comes to getting leads through the door…

Automated calls, emails, and text messages are golden.

But when you move on to converting those generated leads into paying clients…

Purely automated communication just won’t cut it.

In fact, this is where the human touch is most crucial and indispensable.

So, let your clients know that when a lead responds to an initial automated message…

Or picks up an automated call made by your office after they respond to a web form…

Their team must now step in to keep the conversation flowing.

Think of it like a digital relay race.

The goal is to pass that baton to an actual person the leads can talk to…

So they can maintain the momentum until they get to the finish line.

But guess what?

You can also opt to roll out a concierge-type service where YOU do that for them.

Your agency will be carrying those conversations forward, having those calls, and booking jobs from those leads.

That’s a whole new layer of opportunity you could explore moving forward.

But at a minimum…

What we agency owners should be doing is advising our clients.

We should inform them which parts of the lead generation and conversion process they can (and should) automate…

And which parts they can’t leave without a human touch.

This is how you’ll help your clients achieve better retention and better results.

In turn, you’d likely get more referrals from your satisfied clients…

Leading to your agency achieving an authority figure level in your niche.

It’s a win-win for everyone.

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