Part of running a world-class digital marketing agency is providing GREAT communication to our clients. These businesses are trusting us with their growth and we need to present the results clearly.

When delivering reports to clients it’s important to consider why they hired you, their desired outcomes, and what technical aspects they want to keep an eye on.

In doing so, we’re able to create a strategic report that emphasizes their return on investment and ultimately, the value of working with our agency.

In this video, I give you a real-life example of my agency’s client reporting practices, as well as practical tips, reporting tools, and more to effectively present the data to clients, increase overall satisfaction, and continue to grow our agency.

Learn more about this by watching the whole video now below:

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:28] What do your clients really care about?
  • [4:46] What our reporting looks like
  • [9:51] Strategic reporting with your clients

What do your clients really care about?

Effective communication is a large part of client retention. How well do your clients receive your monthly meetings? Are they happy with your services? Do they continue to meet with you and perceive value in what you’re doing? 

We’ve changed our reporting strategy and it’s made a positive impact on our retention. We used to run reports detailing 19 different data points to show our clients. But we found that their eyes would glaze over and they disengaged. They couldn’t understand the value we were delivering.

Why do your clients hire you for your agency services? Do they want more traffic or clicks? Or do they want more leads and sales? They hired you to see an ROI on their investments. Clients care about how much they spent, how many leads they got, and their ROI.

The more our reporting only focused on what they needed to make an informed decision and feel good about their outcomes, the better our retention. Meetings became shorter. They asked fewer questions.

Your clients don’t need the technical mumbo jumbo. Boil your reporting down to:

  • How much they spent
  • The number of leads generated
  • The return on their investment

Stop overreporting. If you answer these three questions, your clients will be happy.

What our reporting looks like

The data we present is always reviewed with a live account manager. Here’s an example:

  • This particular company spent $5,671.24 on management fees and Google ads.
  • That generated 503 leads at an average cost of $11.27 per lead (a GREAT number for this client)

We also share where the leads have come from:

  • 167 leads were organic
  • 100 were PPC
  • 221 were from Google maps
  • 16 were from a web form/chat

The second portion of our report helps them quantify their ROI. We usually base it on industry benchmarks. We look at the average conversion rate from lead to sale, the average transaction value, and the services they provide. Based on benchmarks, we can say what the ROI should be.

85% of the leads we generated were qualified leads (428 qualified leads). Their conversion rate is 85%, so we can automatically calculate that they’ll get 368 booked leads. They close 75% in the field, which is 273 converted leads. We take their average transaction value ($450) and calculate that the 273 booked jobs equate to $122,000 in projected revenue. That’s a 21x return on investment!

Start your meetings with your clients presenting this data but always have the other data available. Listen to find out what else we include.

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