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I wrote this book to help digital marketing agency owners who want to scale to seven figures.
It’s the roadmap I used to rapidly grow my own agency to seven figures and beyond. And you’ll read in the book about how it’s worked for my coaching students.

Here are just a few of the things you’ll learn in The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap…

:white_check_mark:How to apply “the rule of five ones” which will focus your agency on seven figures in less than two years. (Broken down on page 34)
:white_check_mark:Why you must achieve seven figures in revenue to create a sustainable agency. (Explained on page 28)
:white_check_mark:The secret to building a life that matches your goals. This makes the difference in whether you achieve what you want or lose another list of goals under other papers. (Revealed on page 32)

:white_check_mark:Double your client retention rates with the 3 processes I’ll show you in the first chapter. We unpack exactly how to do it later in the book. Get these processes in place and growing to seven figures becomes very natural. (First introduced on page 40)

:white_check_mark:Automate client acquisition with the 4 elements of cold outreach. I’ll take you step-by-step through building your own client acquisition machine for any niche. (Get the gameplan on page 48)
:white_check_mark:Steal these three proven email campaigns that get meetings with qualified prospects. I show you the scripts and how you can tailor it to your niche, so you can fill your calendar at will. (Copy from page 58)
:white_check_mark:How to script follow-up of your campaigns so that replies actually turn into appointments. These methods are proven to break through the noise in prospects’ inboxes. (Learn about it page 60)
:white_check_mark:Nine marketing pieces that get prospects coming to you. The appointments generated from these methods usually double or triple the close rates we have on appointments set with outbound campaigns. (Check out page 70)

:white_check_mark:Exactly what you need to cover on your website to create niche authority. (Demonstrated on page 71)
:white_check_mark:The hot-lead follow-up sequences that turns maybes into yeses. (All explained on page 103)
:white_check_mark:Why you have to stop accepting checks. This change will save you time and money whether you’re already rocking along or you’re just getting started. (Explained on page 118)
:white_check_mark:The three keys to selling service packages of at least $1,000 per month… and why you can’t sell services for less if you want to scale to seven figures. (Broken down on page 122)
:white_check_mark:Get the complete outline of my agency’s 3 tiers of service packages. This will give you a current benchmark for a service package that can get you to multiple seven figures. (Outlined on page 124)
:white_check_mark:My list of 16 power niches where digital agencies can scale to seven figures time and again. (List located on page 130)
:white_check_mark:How to avoid this deadly mistake in niche selection. I’ve seen smart agency owners spin their wheels on this one. (Revealed on page 130)
:white_check_mark:My detailed fulfillment plans for my service packages. (Go in depth on page 145)
:white_check_mark:The must have service to include in every service package, so you can rest assured of an immediate ROI for your clients that will make you look brilliant. (Explained on page 146)
:white_check_mark:My list of providers that we use to get results for our clients. Don’t even think about putting together a list from scratch. I’ve discovered these providers through years doing millions in revenue with my team over 20 people. (Get the list on page 147)
:white_check_mark:How to price your service packages, so you’re able to scale. You won’t have profit to invest in growth if you go too low and you’ll hamstring your sales if you go too high. (Explained on page 151)

:white_check_mark:When is the right time to talk about price with prospects? I’ll show you when and why. Do it earlier or later and you’ll hurt your close rates… BIG TIME! (Unpacked on page 160)
:white_check_mark:How to stay out of “chase mode,” even when you’re following up prospects who didn’t sign up on the first call. Everybody loves a one-call close, but if you aren’t maximizing your follow-up sequence positioning then you’re losing big numbers. (Check out page 163)
:white_check_mark:The five keys to building an agency dream team as quickly as possible. This makes the difference in you becoming a business owner or working as an employee. (Listed on page 163)
:white_check_mark:The shortcut to building systems and procedures while you grow, so your agency can run without you. (Revealed on page 175)
:white_check_mark:Get the template of my client welcome pack. This is how our clients know they’re with the right agency. (Template on page 191)
:white_check_mark:One simple rule of relationship management to ensure you keep clients for the long term. Neglecting this costs agencies tons of churn. (Revealed on page 197)
:white_check_mark:And so much more!

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