How can you generate better results AND retain clients at a higher level?

As digital marketing agencies, we are continuously looking for more ways to bring value to our clients consistently and provide quality services to more businesses.

In my agency, I found that focusing on a single channel was a big mistake. When we decided to switch our strategy to multi-channel, it made a world of difference for our client’s ROI and our overall retention.

Listen to find out how!

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:35] Why you want a multi-channel approach
  • [2:45] An example of our multi-channel strategy
  • [4:12] A multi-channel strategy leads to retention

Why you want a multi-channel approach

My company started as Plumbing and HVAC SEO. If you only do SEO for a client, it takes time. You have to write content, update the website, claim directories, and build links. It can take up to 9 months to bear fruit! Most clients will struggle to pay $2,500 a month and not see results. Right? They have to trust you implicitly.

We helped clients rank for keywords in our niche—most of the time. But in some cases, it didn’t work. So what did we do to generate consistent and measurable results for our clients? We implemented a multi-channel strategy.

You may be great with Facebook ads or PPC. Maybe you’re great with PPC campaigns and get them up and running quickly. But your cost per lead is much higher. There’s more competition for terms. When you rely on a single channel, you’re slower to generate results and you’re less consistent.

Retaining clients with a single-channel approach becomes challenging. It’s often hit or miss. That’s why you want to go multi-channel and layer SEO with Google ads, or website SEO with Facebook ads, and bring a mix of services to the table. When we started to layer multi-channel solutions for clients, we were able to blend the results.

An example of our multi-channel strategy

At Plumbing and HVAC SEO, we work on the website, SEO, and PPC. We start with the SEO strategy, write content, and build out the website. But to get short-term results, we often launch a PPC campaign. We set up landing pages and drive paid traffic so our clients get leads within the first week. It will be something tangible and measurable that can move the needle.

As we are running the PPC campaign, the SEO starts to take hold. Our cost per lead—and the quality of that lead—is better with SEO. But either way, we are delivering our clients a result. When you can generate quick wins for a client, you can generate a better ROI. If you can’t get the client an ROI and show them that their investment is valuable, they won’t stay. That’s a problem.

A multi-channel strategy leads to retention

A digital agency wants to sell retainer-based clients. You want those clients to stay long-term. When you handle their website, SEO, and PPC, you bring more value to the table. They judge you on the blended results that you achieve.

Moving from single-channel to multichannel allowed us to charge more, generate better results, and retain clients at a higher level.

Are you single-channel? Multi-channel? Do you see how a multi-channel approach can generate better results? Let me know your thoughts in the comments!

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