I had the opportunity to interview Austin Irabor from NETFLY Digital (our fastest-growing agency of the year).

He shared some AMAZING insights on how he’s been able to explode his growth over the past 12 months from $30,000 to over $330,000 in monthly recurring revenue.

We unpack:

  • How he chose his niche
  • The services he provides to his clients
  • What strategies are working best to land new clients
  • How his team delivers results and retains clients
  • How he’s leveraging AI in his agency

Watch the whole interview now below:

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:53] Learn more about Austin and his agency
  • [7:06] Three shifts Austin made in his business
  • [9:20] How Austin chose the legal niche
  • [11:15] A high-level overview of Austin’s program
  • [18:43] How Austin will be using AI to boost sales
  • [25:15] How Austin landed his first five clients
  • [27:35] Austin’s current process for landing clients
  • [33:55] Their process to retain clients
  • [39:14] The number of clients that use HighLevel
  • [42:55] How their AI software works with phone calls
  • [46:23] How they’re leveraging AI in their agency
  • [48:21] What Austin’s team structure looks like
  • [53:31] Ask yourself the right questions to hit the next level

Learn more about Austin and his NETFLY Digital

Austin played collegiate rugby and his coach happened to be friends with a politician in Colorado. He was building websites at the time. Long story short, he was entrusted with a marketing campaign. One year later, he ran a marketing campaign for governor. That particular campaign broke a record as the most efficient campaign for governor in terms of dollars per vote.

Austin got out of politics and shifted to the startup scene in SoCal. He helped a company hit the Inc. 5000 and another company hit the Forbes 40 under 40 List. The problem with startups is that they can run out of money quickly. So he dove into marketing for lawyers.

But he had been capped at $30,000 MRR for quite some time. One year after joining the Seven Figure Agency, he’s at $349,000 MRR. Austin’s business now employs 12 people. They focus primarily on PPC in the legal niche (in personal injury and B2C). and they’ve scaled many of their clients to mid-five-figure advertising budgets.

A high-level overview of Austin’s program

The personal injury side of their business is purely PPC. They go after targets that are looking for something specific, like questions searched specifically after a car accident. They do a PPC-heavy campaign and add Google Business page optimization. They also create content that is syndicated to their client’s blog, social media, and Google Business page. They aim for quick wins while building SEO that will generate more leads in 9–12 months.

The PPC is 70% Google, 20% social media, and 10% retargeting. They monitor everything and double down on platforms that are delivering the best results for each client. Their lowest price point is $2,500 a month. Their average charge is $17,500 per client. Some clients are spending six figures a month with them.

Austin partnered with lenders on the backend. Every client has the option to sign up with a lender, so their potential client can apply, and they are given lending options to work with his clients. It does make an impact on his client’s ROI. Being solution-oriented is a difference-maker.

How Austin will be using AI to boost sales

Many law firms have a dialer system and have no idea if their numbers are flagged as spam, which adversely impacts their contact rate. Austin takes their phone number pool and has a partner company that does remediation and mitigation of “spam likely” numbers. Cleaning up the numbers positively impacts contact rate. When they clean up contact rate, they’ll speak to more people which will affect their ROI.

They’re now implementing AI to understand every conversation clients are having. The AI will be able to pick out the groups of people that sell at a higher rate. The end goal is to provide a smart script to their client roster. The AI can hear an objection and will display a pop-up that tells them what to say. It will raise the acquisition rate for all of their clients (and the goal is to bring every client under $600 per acquisition).

Secondly, they use ChatGPT to load up on ideas and elaborate on them, create bullet point outlines, add research, and write. Austin has an SEO manager and content creator that work together. The SEO manager tells the writer what she needs, they create outlines, and then she creates the content.

Austin’s current process to land and retain clients

On the personal injury side, they see traction with cold email. They can name-drop some of the biggest firms in the country. On the non-personal injury side, they’re running Facebook ads that lead to a form that goes to Austin’s SDR who qualifies and vets the leads. If they aren’t the right fit, he’ll send them to a colleague who would be.

After they understand what success looks like for them, they use the intel for the next call. They share what they do and what their results are. They show them a spreadsheet that shows them projections. They plug in their budget and can show them what the potential ROI would be.

The first and third Monday of the month Austin’s executive assistant looks at HighLevel for every client. She sends a simple email with their monthly results (leads and revenue generated). The email includes a link to Austin’s Calendly so if there’s an issue, they can schedule an appointment and quickly resolve it. Showing that you care helps retain clients. If you deliver good results and you care, you’re already different from 90% of agencies.

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