Learn The Secrets Of A Multi-Million Dollar Digital Marketing Agency

Have you ever wondered what it really takes to build a highly successful and profitable Digital Marketing Agency? Jimmy Nicholas built his niche-focused agency from nothing into a multi-million dollar agency in less than 7 years. He joins me to talk about the success of his agency and how he got there.

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Summary Of The Interview

Listen to the interview, and learn how he made it happen. Here are a few of the key topics I covered with him:

  • How he chose his niche.
  • What he did to land his first five clients.
  • The details of how he markets the business today to bring in new clients on a consistent basis.
  • Services he provides to his clients (website design, SEO, PPC, Social Media).
  • Services he includes in his service offering packages his.
  • How he fulfills/gets the work done for his clients while keeping his focus on sales and business development.

Discover how he built, scaled and runs his agency. There are tons of actionable ideas.

Outline Of This Episode

  • [2:22] Jimmy started building websites at 15 years old.
  • [12:09] What was the change that changed the trajectory of his business?
  • [20:30] How did he land in the healthcare niche?
  • [33:21] What services does he offer his clients?
  • [39:35] How he land edhis first five clients?
  • [50:25] How he learned to connect with influencers in his niche.
  • [55:50] How he gets everything done.
  • [65:37] How he manages his virtual team.
  • [75:44] How winning Marketer Of The Year helped him land more clients.
  • [81:10] Knowing your numbers is critical.
  • [89:21] What resources helped Jimmy along the way?

The Change Jimmy Made That Moved His Trajectory To Seven Figures

Jimmy’s agency was stuck in the $500-$625K range for a few years. He had hit rock bottom on account of a looming $250K in credit card debt. He was even facing bankruptcy. During this time, Jimmy won Marketer Of The Year, and began mingling with “the right people”. One high-level orthodontist contact positioned him to become the go-to internet marketing agency for over 500 orthodontists. Once he stopped worrying about his own debt—and started concentrating on doing the best he could for his clients—his life completely transformed. He began to serve his clients at the highest level possible. His company and his life underwent a massive improvement.

How Jimmy Decided On The Healthcare Niche

Jimmy’s agency was able to triple the leads and the patient load of a leading podiatrist. With that amazing case story under his belt, he was able to leverage that win with orthodontists. He ended up getting so many referrals that he didn’t dare advertise his services.

As Jimmy Marketing grew, he built a team and grew the marketing agency comfortably. He began to take on other types of doctors that came to him through referrals. He doesn’t mind saying yes to new niches now that his business is over $1 million. He also feels that having more than one niche ensures that he doesn’t have all of his eggs in one basket.

The Services That Jimmy Offers His Clients

Jimmy Marketing has a 3 step process.

  1. First, they build the client’s website. He won’t market for a client unless his agency has built the client’s website or revamped it. He understands the importance of getting the messaging right for the client.
  2. Once the website and messaging are nailed down, then he drives traffic to their website.  
  3. After the calls start coming in, he tracks all the calls and forms that come into the site. His team listens to every call to find out whether they are new patients. When Jimmy shares the stats with his clients, they are able to improve their front-end sales based on those statistics. Jimmy’s able to track where every new customer comes from.

How He Landed His First Five Clients

When he first started out, Jimmy’s mindset was so small. He had a $1500 a month package that he was too scared to sell. Thankfully, his mentor coached him through it. During this time, he still had a local mindset and talked to people in person.

He came up with the idea to create a red carpet event at a local restaurant. He wanted to sell exclusivity and this was an invite-only event. He had no money to pay for the event but ended up landing 20 accounts. Learn about the ups and downs of Jimmy’s marketing agency by listening to this in-depth interview with Jimmy Nicholas.

Resources And People Mentioned

Connect with Jimmy Nicholas

Connect With Josh Nelson

A Special Gift From Jimmy—Download His Direct Mail Swipe File

Jimmy was kind enough to share his direct mail swipe file of his TOP-converting direct mail materials. You can download the whole file as well as his presentation to win the GKIC Marketer Of The Year by going to www.JimmyMarketing.com/money.

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