Ugh! You Prepare For A Strategy Session And Get A No-Show

There are few things more frustrating in business than getting pumped up and prepared for a strategy session only to have your prospect blow you off and not show up. This video describes a number of strategies we use successfully to increase our show-up rate for strategy sessions.

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How To Turn It Around

We’ve worked on this at our agency, and have added a few steps to our appointment funnel. These steps have significantly improved our show-up rates (and resulting sales):

Create excitement and anticipation for the event.

  • Use an auto-play video on the confirmation page.
  • Send them additional valuable and targeted resources.

Leverage multimedia to make a connection with prospects before the session.

  • Email them confirming the session.
  • Text them and invite connection.
  • Make Friend request / Connection request on Facebook / Linked In.
  • Use Social Messenger on Facebook and/or LinkedIn. Start a conversation BEFORE the meeting. Make yourself into a REAL person to them.

The Biggest Secret To Increasing Your Show-Up Rate

We’ve found that prospects who engage with us prior to the appointment are 3X more likely to show up for the meeting! Make it your objective to get that connection happening.

Watch this video and, let me know if you have any follow up questions.

Want More Ideas On Increasing Your Show-Up Rate?

If you’d like some ideas on how to get prospects to not just show up…but show up excited to meet you and pre-positioned to hire you…

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This Is The Transcript

Getting Prospects To Show Up For Appointments Increases Your Sales Conversations

Hey guys, this is Josh Nelson with the Seven Figure Agency. I wanted to shoot a quick video on the topic of getting people to show up for your sales appointments. This show-up rate is an important opportunity to talk about your internet marketing services with prospects and take them through your consultative sales process.

Bob Got Me Thinking About Doing This Video

One of the members in our Seven Figure Agency program, Bob,  told me, “Man, I’m getting people to schedule appointments with me, but they’re not showing up.” And that can be frustrating because you do some work to prep for the call. You’ve invested time and effort in getting them to schedule a call. And then, they don’t show up! You’ve wasted your time preparing, and you’re ready for a call that doesn’t happen.

Getting Prospects Excited About The Call Is The Key To Getting Them To Show Up

So, I’ve discovered something that’s working really well to improve the show up rate among our prospects. You need to put together a plan to get them excited about the meeting, so they show up prepared for the call.

This is part of the Ultimate Agency Funnel that we unpacked at our recent Traffic Conversion Summit. Obviously you’ve got an opt in, and then you’ve got an appointment funnel. That appointment funnel takes them to Calendly or another calendar system. Then, they pick a time on your calendar and schedule a call. At this point, you send them resources designed to get them excited about the meeting.

This is typically where most appointment funnels end. But, we’ve learned a few secrets that have made a huge difference in our show-up rates.

Two Things We Do That Have Given Us A Show-Up Rate Close To 90%

There are two things we’ve experimented with and learned have a massive impact on our show-up rates—moving them to close to 90%.

First, leverage multimedia.

  • Don’t just use email for the confirmation. Literally, get them to also give you their cell phone number. Then use text messaging to confirm the appointment.
  • Pay attention to your messaging. Don’t just say, “Hey, we’re scheduled a strategy session.” Instead, send them something like, “Hey, I’m really excited about our meeting. I sent you some additional resources that should be very helpful to your business. Be sure and look them over and shoot me any questions you might have.” Make it personal. Make it about serving their needs.
  • Create a channel of communication with them before the session. Have an open loop where they can start to converse with you. You become a real person to them with a real connection. Showing up at the session becomes persona. That little extra communication between the two of you makes a big difference.
  • We’ve found that the prospects who respond to our text messages are significantly more likely to show up to the appointment. That holds true for both me and my sales rep.

► The second is, leverage social media as well.

  • One easy way we do this is through text message. It’s easy to set up, right? You trigger it either through FixYourFunnel or a Zapier integration. So, your text messaging is set up to be done automatically. Prospects schedule an appointment. They get three text messages. One confirming the appointment. Next is a reminder right before the meeting, then another one the day of the appointment. You plant those seeds letting them know you care.
  • Next is to connect with them on social messenger. So almost everybody’s on Facebook. Send them a friend request. Send them a quick message, “Hey, I saw you scheduled an appointment. Really looking forward to the meeting.”
  • And you can even go so far as to friend request them on Facebook or connect with them on LinkedIn. This doesn’t “cost” you anything and it solidifies the “real relationship” feeling.

Making A Point Of Real Connection Gets Them Invested In The Call

Here’s The Typical Followup For Scheduling An Appointment

Now, let’s make a comparison here. Typically, the “You’ve Scheduled An Appointment” followup consists of maybe 3 emails confirming the call.

In Comparison, Here’s What We Do

  • They’ve gotten a sequence of “personal” emails that express excitement about the upcoming conversation.
  • You’ve sent them carefully curated materials that demonstrate how valuable it could be for them to work with you.
  • You send a series of text messages from you expressing the same degree of excitement.
  • They get a friend request on Facebook and a LinkedIn connection request.

When They Interact With You—They’re More Likely To Show Up

So what you’ve done is provide them multiple channels to interact with you. They’re highly likely to interact with you in one way or the other. When they interact, relationship is developed. Now they know that you’re not just a droid at the other side. They see that you’re committed to them. This creates an expectation that you will show up and be prepared for the meeting. They see that you’re excited about speaking with them. They are more likely to show up for the strategy session.

I Can Provide You More Strategies On Upping Your Appointment Show-Up Rate

I’ve got lots of other cool strategies on how you can get people not only to show up, but also to show up excited and pre-positioned to buy. So if that sounds cool to you, post in the comment, “Appointment Strategies”. I’ll hook you up with some really cool ideas on how you can get a great appointment process in place that increases your show-up rate.

I’ll tell you that these strategies are very successful for us. Our show-up rate is close to 90%.

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