We’re always thinking about how to generate better results, improve retention, and make us more “sticky” with the client base.

In this session, Lane Houk of Signal Genesys shares strategies we can implement to take the Signal Genesys tool to the next level. He covers many of its new features you can use to generate better results for your clients and strategies you can incorporate into your overall SEO process.

By incorporating these insights into your SEO process, you can take your SEO game to the next level and generate better results for your clients. Watch the full interview now!

BIG news: New media outlets have launched with Signal Genesys! Newsmax, AP News, Yahoo, Market Watch, and Digital Journal are just a few of the new partners.

Outline of This Episode

  • [5:20] The strategy Signal Genesys is built on
  • [13:06] User engagement and interaction: GMB Products
  • [19:00] Redirect form submissions to your GMB listing
  • [21:39] The Media Room App Channel
  • [33:00] The Google review App Channel
  • [35:33] The Twitter/Reddit App Channel
  • [39:13] New domains/media outlets are launching
  • [41:10] National Chiropractic Franchise Case Study
  • [1:03:17] How to insert images on a press release
  • [1:06:57] Matt and Lane answer listener questions

The strategy Signal Genesys is built on

The search systems we know prioritize certain ranking factors. Lane developed Signal Genesys by asking the question: “How many different ranking signals can we generate with one article of content and one press release?

Why press releases? Google loves news sites. It gives authority and weight to news outlets. The average news site easily wins out over blogs and sees consistent traffic. Signal Genesys is built exclusively for agencies, allowing them to generate hundreds of ranking signals with one piece of content.

Signal Genesys focuses on technology and strategic execution in different areas of influence. GMB signals are the most influential signals that you can generate—about your own company—in the map pack ranking.

On-page SEO is secondary. Google doubled down on the importance of EAT and it has become prominent in all search queries, so Lane groups it with on-page. Google reviews are highly important. Listen to find out what else is important when it comes to ranking content.

User engagement and interaction: GMB Products

User engagement with the Google listing and products/services within your listing is imperative. You can integrate options for the user to purchase a product on your listing using Google checkout. Even a few small transactions can blow up your GMB listing.

And did you know that a service call fee can be added as a product? Most agencies haven’t tried to dive into the different features of Google products. You generate signals by creating the product and driving user engagement. It’s a powerful strategy that very few businesses use. Only 4% of businesses have products listed on GMB. Don’t be afraid to highlight your services as products.

Redirect form submissions to your GMB listing

You can generate more click-throughs to your clients’ GMB/GBP listings by adding the listing as a redirect on website forms. When a potential customer fills out a form and submits it, you can tell the form to direct them to your Google listing where they can interact.

Secondly, you can use QR codes or stickers to drive traffic to GMB. People are curious. If you have a QR code that people can scan to go to your listing, people will use it. You can offer incentives or discounts to drive engagement.

Signal Genesys’ Media Room App Channel

The goal of Signal Genesys is to help agencies generate ranking signals for their clients at scale. They continue to generate app platforms to help agencies do this. App channels are software apps within the platform that have a specific function.

Signal Genesys generates great results with press releases because they are different from other press release services. They are not a PR platform—that’s simply a secondary benefit. The Media Room App Channel is a specific way to execute this process.

Once you install a couple of lines of code, the Media Room powers up, using multiple Google API integrations. The platform is engaging in bidirectional signaling with over 20 Google APIs. When you click on a published press release, you’ll see a Google map loading from a live API call. It’s a powerful signal. It’s unique to that listing. The map is duplicated on all of the live media sites.

Signal Genesys can take that content, post it on your blog, do a press release about the article, and amplify and drive traffic and signals to that article, which should interlink with your GMB listing. The software takes the article and sends it to authoritative news and radio stations with DA/DR profiles of 40–90. The media room is the hub of that activity.

You need to leverage this technology. It only takes a few minutes to integrate on your client’s websites. PR Newswire sells media rooms for $16,200 a year with a $5,500 setup fee. It’s inferior to the Signal Genesys technology. Listen to learn more about what our media room can do for you!

Signal Genesys’ Google Review App Channel

The Google Review App Channel is an integration with your GMB listing. As soon as you activate that channel and connect the listening, the Signal Genesys software kicks in to generate ranking signals. It’s yet another way to generate GDP ranking signals.

David Kauzlaric (the co-founder of Agency Elevation) shares a case study of how Signal Genesys has transformed their client’s business. Listen to the whole session to hear how Signal Genesys could work for your agency.

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