How do I get the LIST?

When it comes to landing clients & growing your digital marketing agency you need to start with a list of prospects in your niche…but how do you get it?

On this video I outline the 3 main options:

✔️ Build your own list
✔️ Borrow someone else’s (JV)
✔️ Buy the list

The quickest and most scalable option is to BUY the list. There are a number of ways to acquire your list:

✅ Join the association as an industry member
✅ Use a site like InfoUse or other data brokers
✅ Scrape the list with a tool like LeadKahuna or Scope Leads
✅ Use a contractor on UpWork

Once you have a solid list you can get to work introducing yourself, adding value and getting interested prospects to raise their hand. ????‍♂️

????If you’d like me to send you some proven strategies for landing clients through cold outreach…post “cold outreach” in comments.????