If you’ve been watching my videos or read The Seven Figure Agency Roadmap, you might be wondering if the Seven Figure Agency coaching & mentorship program is right for you. So, here’s a video that I recorded to help you see if we at Seven Figure Agency can be a good fit for you and your digital marketing agency!

Who is Seven Figure Agency for?

If you run a digital marketing agency, you’re in one of 5 stages: startup, struggle, scale, success, or significance. When you’re a startup, you’re making next to nothing, right? As you’re struggling to grow, you may hit $10,000 a month in recurring revenue. The end goal to become a seven-figure agency is reaching significance, or making $83,000+ in monthly recurring revenue. 

Coaching and mentorship apply when you’re above the struggle phase and making $10,000+. You’re at a point when you’re ready to scale. You want to land clients consistently, get a team in place, and maximize the growth of your business. 

The 3 Key things to determine a good fit

So you’re making $10,000+ a month with your agency. What other things can help you determine if we’re a good fit? 

  1. First, are you driven and focused? Are you committed to getting to seven figures and beyond? 
  2. Secondly, are you full-time? This can’t be a side hustle or something you do part-time. Your focus needs to be on building your agency. 
  3. Lastly, are you abundance-minded? You know there’s opportunity for everyone in the space. You’re willing to share what’s working for you and be open to learning from others. 

If all of these things describe you, Seven Figure Agency may be a great fit for you! 

The power in coaching + community

Do you want tools and resources? Do you need help defining your business model? Or determining the right packages and resources? What’s the best methodology to land clients, deliver results, retain, and scale? 

Do you want support from and access to people to coach you and hold you accountable? There is power in community. You’ll have other agencies in your corner. We share ideas and best practices and learn from each other. It will accelerate your growth. 

Do we sound like a good fit? Send me a message or type “SFA” into the comments and we will reach out!

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