The quality of your data can make or break your cold outreach. In this special session, Joe Troyer & Matt McQuinn of PPC Ad Labs and Coldlytics walk through how to use their tools to gather and leverage data. They cover how to connect with prospects and how to get the right contact details to convert well. Don’t miss it!

Outline of This Episode

  • [3:20] Learn more about Coldlytics and PPC Ad Lab
  • [10:50] How to employ thought leadership strategies
  • [14:43] What makes a good thought leadership report?
  • [24:17] How to use Coldlytics to 10x results
  • [35:00] Matt’s favorite strategy
  • [39:38] How to capture prospects and nurture them
  • [42:35] The pricing options for reports
  • [44:00] How to tackle location in a broad report for a niche
  • [45:37] PPC competitors targeting your clients’ branding
  • [49:51] Where Coldlytics can source data around the world
  • [50:17] How to use credits with PPC Ad Labs and Coldlytics
  • [50:52] What to charge to offer reports for customers
  • [52:28] Clarifying the strategy for franchises
  • [54:30] Running a paid ads agency using Coldlytics/Ad Labs

Learn more about Coldlytics and PPC Ad Lab

Joe has sent hundreds of thousands of cold emails. Through the process, he’s learned what converts and what doesn’t. The biggest problem he ran into was finding the right people consistently.

Coldlytics takes your ICP and builds a model of companies that match who your agency is selling to. They send that to a human research team to find contact information for these agencies.

PPC Ad Lab is a competitive analysis tool for Google ads. They work well in a hyper-local area. They can show you every advertiser that bids on a keyword such as “plumber” in a zip code or city. They then compile that data for you. Coldlytics and PPC Ad Lab can be used together as a prospecting tool. They can send email campaigns that are personalized and targeted.

Prospects have never gotten their specific message before and it’s fresh. Prospects want it. Listen to find out what they say that makes an impact.

What makes a good thought leadership report?

Joe and Matt have come up with a way to employ thought leadership tactics like Hubspot, Gartner, and Mailchimp. How do they do that without thousands of dollars on PR? A specialized industry report: the thought leadership report.

What makes a good thought leadership report?

  • It needs to be highly relevant
  • Time-specific (urgency and scarcity)
  • Data-driven
  • User opt-in to get access
  • Non-salesy (but pique interest)
  • Better than what’s available

This will bring in leads over an extended period of time and drive traffic.

You want to produce a report that business owners in your niche care about. It needs to include:

  • Their market: What their target market includes
  • Competitors: who their direct competitors are
  • Their “rank”: where they rank among competitors
  • How to “win”: How they can make more money from this
  • Change over time: How this report will be evergreen (updated monthly and quarterly)

You need data to report, a page to sell it and capture leads, and a follow-up process to convert. None of your competitors are using these reports right now. You can use graphs, screenshots of what competitor’s ads look like, and more.

Listen to hear how you can use PPC Ad Lab to create a report and drive traffic to your business.

How to use Coldlytics to 10x results

Coldlytics can take a data report and sort it by monthly organic traffic, revenue, and more. People are going to google maps and searching keywords like “plumbers near me.” Coldlytics will compile every google business profile and keywords. Then they’ll tell you where a company ranks for the search terms and see data for other competitors. If you send these emails to prospects, people will open them.

Matt’s favorite strategy

When Matt was learning to hack prospecting, he realized that there is power on social media and that he could harness it for cold outreach. He saw a post on LinkedIn that was talking about cold emails and it had a massive amount of comments and interaction on it. So Matt started interacting in the comments. He turned it into a simple process anyone can use:

  • Step #1: Find key conversations around your business on social media. You can identify the people and topic.
  • Step #2: Dive into the conversation. Email everyone you can get contact information for. Reference the post you were conversing on and share what you do.

Matt shares the full detailed process in his mini course. Check it out!

How to capture prospects and nurture them

How do you maximize your results? Here’s how.

Have a reason to email. It’s key to getting a prospect to take action. You can share benchmark reports quarterly. You have new data for them. There’s a reason for them to say they’re interested. It’s key to authentic urgency and scarcity. A one-time machine becomes a quarterly machine. Create a report and do an initial promotion, then do quarterly reports. This has the ability to quadruple your sales.

Listen to the whole episode to hear Joe and Matt answer questions about the process and leveraging it for your agency.

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