I noticed some business owners think the secret to consistent lead flow is this:

Having one solid lead generation strategy.

But in reality?

One single lead generation funnel won’t cut it.

If you need proof of that…

I was recently talking to one of my mentees, Jim, who went from earning $4.5K to $100K in just a little over two years.

Clearly, he and his partner Brian did many things right to grow their marketing agency…

Let alone make it happen in such a short span of time.

But when asked about the main ingredient to their agency’s success…

Jim said it’s the fact that they just never run out of leads.

And that’s thanks to their omnipresent approach to lead generation.

See, wherever their leads may exist, Jim and Brian made sure to have their presence felt.

It’s why they’ve written two books and countless cheat sheets that work as lead magnets…

They regularly publish their clients’ success stories as case studies…

And they host webinars and podcasts to drive more leads in.

Now, this doesn’t mean Jim and Brian set all these funnels up at the same time.

That would have been incredibly overwhelming… And not as effective.

So, they started with one thing:

The cheat sheets.

Then, they started building multiple funnels and layering them on top of each other.


They’ve got leads coming from everywhere.

But when asked about which funnel gives them the best, most qualified leads…

Jim tells me it’s their podcasts and webinars.

That makes so much sense.

After all, podcasts and webinars could really shoot an agency’s authority level through the roof.

That means anyone who listens to Jim and Brian’s podcast…

Or anyone who attends their webinar…

They instantly learn that Jim and Brian know what they’re talking about.

The good news?

All these lead generation funnels are available to you, too.

That means if you could stack up your funnels as well as Jim and Brian did…

You’d go as far—or maybe even farther—than they’ve come!

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