I want to give you a year in review to share with you my secrets that made 2018 such a big success for my agency. 2018 was an amazing year full of success and growth for my digital marketing agency for plumbers. We gained 63 new recurring clients who brought in a total of $143,000 per month in recurring revenue. Are you ready to learn how my team and I created this enormous growth? Listen to this podcast to hear my secrets.

It’s been a great year. In the video below, I have outlined the activity that went into landing 63 NEW clients and growing our Monthly Recurring Revenue by $143K (monthly).

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] What is the path for getting 64 new clients in 1 year?
  • [6:45] Our purpose is to help you take your digital marketing agency to the next level
  • [9:26] Our mission
  • [10:07] In 2019 we have lots of great training

How did I get 63 new clients in 1 year?

  • There are so many potential clients to choose from, but it is important to choose 1 niche. Having only 1 niche helps you to focus and hone in on serving that base. It is also important in helping to scale.
  • Another important factor in our growth was that we only had 2 high ticket packages. We provide nothing a la carte. We offer a $2400 a month core package and a $3000 a month ultimate package.
  • I positioned myself as a leader in the industry by providing valuable information to my customer base on a consistent basis.
    • We sent out almost 2 million InfusionSoft emails to our list.
    • I produced 13 webinars with fresh content. These webinars were my biggest lead generators. From those webinars, I could then create YouTube videos, podcasts, and Slide Share information.
  • I sold 188 copies of my book via Facebook ads
  • We set up booths at 5 trade shows across the country
  • I spoke at 2 speaking events

All of this hard work landed us 267 private strategy sessions with potential clients. Of those 114 were qualified and from those, we gained 64 new clients. Those new clients alone generated $143,000 per month in recurring revenue.

How can we help you take your digital marketing agency to the next level?

Our purpose is to help you take your digital marketing agency to the next level. You can do that by positioning yourself as the expert to get new clients to come to you. When you position yourself as the expert in your field you can get the strategy sessions and convert them into recurring monthly clients. You then make it a win-win situation for your clients by providing them value and excellent service. It is important for you to retain your clients as long as possible by putting systems in place to keep everything running smoothly.

The mission of the 7 Figure Agency

I teach my students how to scale their digital marketing agency through the 5 stages of agency growth: from startup, to struggle, to scale, to success, to significance. Our mission is to get 100 agencies to 7 figures by 2025. In 2018 we were able to help 8 agencies get to 7 figures so I am sure that this is an attainable goal. We want to give you the tools to land clients, retain them, and scale your agency.

Join us for intensive training to learn how to take your agency to the next level

In 2019 we are doing loads of training. We are offering 3 live intensives in south Florida in February, June, and November. During the live intensives, you’ll spend 2 days in our office learning how to take your agency to the next level. You will get clear about what is going on in your agency. You’ll walk away with actionable tasks on how to grow your agency. Check out our calendar to discover which dates work best for your schedule.

Resources & People Mentioned

  • members.sevenfigureagency.com/calendar

Connect With Josh Nelson

1 Niche
2 Core Service Packages
1.8M eMails
188 Copies of our book sent
13 Webinars
5 Trade Shows
2 Industry Speaking Events
267 Strategy Sessions
114 Qualified Strategy Sessions
63 NEW Clients for $143K monthly recurring revenue growth

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