We are very excited to share some important & exciting things that we are rolling out in 2019.

Jeff & I have been working hard to make sure 2019 is the best year ever in the Seven Figure Agency and committed to helping you take your agency to the next level as quickly as possible. With that in mind, we have rolled out some exciting new initiatives that we believe will have a major impact:

New in 2019

  • Live INTENSIVE Workshops In Miami 3X Per Year
  • Monthly Core Training Webinars with Ask Me Anything
  • New swipe & deploys monthly
  • Weekly Coaching Calls
  • Quarterly Planning Sessions
  • 2 Mastermind Levels
    • Accelerate (Agencies doing $15K – $50K monthly)
    • Elite (Agencies doing $50K+ per month)

We’re really excited about 2019! If you are interested in joining click here to get started.