In today’s agency success interview I chat with Jeff J. Hunter who is unequivocally an expert on personal branding. He left the corporate world in 2016 and launched his own business, which has now branched into 2 businesses with over 60 staff. In this interview, Jeff shares how he started those businesses and how he’s made a name for himself in the SEO world. If you want to learn how to stand out in a crowded market where attention is currency, Jeff’s your man.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:28] Jeff J Hunter’s background
  • [9:45] Leverage your personal brand to grow your agency
  • [24:05] The value of stepping into the spotlight
  • [27:38] High level overview of VA Staffer & Branded Media
  • [35:35] What package types does he offer?
  • [40:15] Walking through his brand packages
  • [51:00] A deep-dive into the package offerings and investment level
  • [1:03:10] Take your brand seriously to be taken seriously
  • [1:07:45] Connect with Jeff
  • [1:09:40] Why you should be on LinkedIn

Leverage your personal brand to grow your agency

According to Jeff, we live in a world where attention is currency—you HAVE to do things differently to stand out from the crowd. For Jeff, that means leveraging his personal branding. He embraces his “savage” imagery with in-your-face copywriting and out-of-the-box thinking. He doesn’t market himself, but instead lets his brand speak for itself. And it’s worked for him—he lands plenty of clients and is consistently asked to do speaking engagements.

He also believes in operating on a level of complete transparency. 80% of his team is in the Philippines and consists of SEO experts, web developers, design and branding experts, and more. His goal is to build trust and authenticity and not be “just another SEO company”. People don’t want B2B interaction, they want what Jeff terms ‘H2H’—human to human interaction on a personal and meaningful level.

The value of stepping into the spotlight

Jeff is a self-proclaimed introvert but believes 100% that it is conquerable. You can be an introvert but still learn how to speak and be in the limelight. It starts with consistency—the more you do something the more competent you become and the more confidence you gain. He’s been on over 100 podcasts and spoken at mastermind and conferences. You will stretch your comfort zone, but as you keep doing the things you find difficult it gets easier. You can learn to speak.

But why is it important?

Because you NEED a platform for your brand. The SEO market is flooded with people who make every promise in the book, but fall short. Jeff’s goal is to build relationships and become long-term partners with his clients. He wants them to know he is vested in their success. Most people are confident in their process and the work they provide. If you project your confidence on public platforms—whether it be LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, a podcast, etc.—people will take notice.

They’ll go look at the testimonials on your website. They’ll see you as the go-to expert in your space and seek you out instead of the other way around. Jeff and I agree that putting your name and face out there is one of the best ways to naturally grow your agency.

A high-level overview of Jeff’s agency

When Jeff left his corporate job, the first business he launched was VA Staffer. His goal was to help business owners and entrepreneurs find affordable virtual assistants. He was coined the “King of Outsourcing” and it’s fitting—his agency helps source everything you could need. They are creating influencer content, building funnels, and doing email marketing and product launches. His team is loyal and culturally a great fit for his company.

Jeff also launched a branding agency, Branded Media. It is the marketing arm of his business. He offers different packages that encompass social media, video editing, or a combination of whatever you need. But his main focus is his “omnipresent brand guide”.

His team builds your brand presence from the ground up. They’ll incorporate consistent colors for content templates they create across all platforms. They’ll layout the exact fonts you need to use. His team can create a manifesto, logo, website mockup, video frames and more. They’ll deliver a 17-20 page mockup of what your brand will look like across platforms, and provide all the templates and files you need to make it a reality.

The importance of consistent branding across ALL platforms

Jeff emphasizes the importance of branding yourself consistently across every platform you use. All of the successful brands that you know do this—and you recognize something and KNOW it’s them. Your personal branding needs to be the same.

People need to be able to look at something on social media and say “Hey, Jeff J Hunter did that!”. It’s about being intentional. If you’re selling this to others, you have to do it yourself. You can’t sell someone the importance of personal branding if you don’t embrace it and take it seriously.

Listen to this episode to take advantage of Jeff’s in-depth knowledge on personal branding, how to stand out and become known in the industry, and learn why he’s found success. He shares numerous examples of his package offerings and what his team can offer you. Don’t miss it!

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