Have you ever struggled with “Deciding to do something” but not getting it off the ground?

I was on a coaching call with Mike Friday morning and we’ve been talking about getting his monthly topical webinar off the ground for months.

????He has decided to do it…get the value…has even put in the time to put together the slides/landing page but just can’t quite get it done.

It holds him that he needs to tap into the power of JUST IN TIME learning rather than Just In Case Learning.

✔️ Set a date for the webinar now
✔️ Start the promotion

And watch the power of just in time learning kick in.

I do this all the time. In fact…as of Friday morning, I still didn’t have my slides ready for my 2 PM webinar (326 people were registered). If I waited to have everything in place (slides done, presentation rehearsed, etc) I would never get it done.

????Type “Just in case learning” in the comments if you can commit to doing more of this in your life & business…