Have you ever spent hours learning how to do something, only to realize you’re nowhere near mastering that skill? Sometimes it’s better to find someone who’s mastered those skills at a world-class level. Why not focus on selling your services and let someone else do the delivery?

In this session, we featured Michael Borgelt and Brittany Filori of 51Blocks. We delve into “The Just Sell Method™” and how it can revolutionize your agency whether you’re a solopreneur, small team, or growing agency.

This method offers a comprehensive white-label solution that encompasses sales, marketing, operations, fulfillment, and client management, allowing you to focus solely on what you do best—selling!

Watch the whole video now below:

Outline of This Episode

  • [4:08] Why 51Blocks moved to The Just Sell Method™
  • [7:04] Learn more about Michael Borgelt and Brittany Filori
  • [10:40] Paint Point #1: Understanding a resellers pricing and services
  • [14:55] Free agency CRM and sales support and access to HighLevel
  • [17:04] Paint Point #2: How to onboard existing clients to a new agency
  • [22:24] Pain Point #3: White-label providers deliver sub-par work
  • [27:56] Pain Point #4: You’d rather manage your own clients
  • [36:40] Paint Point #5: You don’t have any case studies to sell
  • [41:06] The different ways you can work with 51Blocks
  • [43:44] Q&A session with Michael and Brittany

When to consider working with a white-label partner

As your agency grows, at some point, you have to hire more team members, change your processes and systems, or sell the business.

  • Do you have the bandwidth to manage more team members?
  • Do you worry that a white-label partner won’t deliver quality work?
  • Do you want to spend more time with family instead of managing clients?
  • Are you afraid someone outside your control will mismanage clients?
  • Would you rather focus on sales and have someone else handle fulfillment
  • Do you want to pass the hard work to someone else?

If any of these questions are floating around in your head, it’s time to consider working with a white-label provider.

Paint Point #1: Understanding resellers pricing and services

How do you price your services when you’re using a white-label provider? Here are some tips for success:

  1. Research your white-label options and 2x their pricing to achieve a 50% margin.
  2. Follow the 7FA model using three pricing packages
  3. Don’t over-complicate or over-customize (don’t offer too little value)
  4. Understand the level of support you’re going to be revealing for sales from your provider

Every provider looks different. When you’re doing this in-house, you have to source the clients and focus on profitability. When you look at creating packages, simpler is better. Simplicity is scalable. It’s so much harder to sell when you have too many options.

A white-label provider might have a cookie-cutter package or a la carte options. Or, they customize it based on your goals. You’re the one that will be pitching your product, so you have to understand every aspect of it.

You are responsible to close deals, wow your clients, and generate new marketing ideas. 51Blocks handles everything else.

Paint Point #2: How to onboard existing clients to a new agency

If you’re outsourcing, you need to understand what the process will look like so you can explain it to your clients. You should ask to see the white-label provider’s onboarding process before you sign on.

Secondly, find out how they obtain access points and which platforms they’ll be using. Find out if they’re willing to customize the plan (and be careful if they only have cookie-cutter options). The end goal is to make the transition seamless for your current clients. The onboarding process is key. If it goes smoothly, trust is built.

How does 51Blocks handle onboarding? They have dedicated client success managers to welcome and onboard clients, follow up on access points, set up the client campaign, answer questions, and have a 30-day multi-touchpoint experience. The experience is tailored by client to use preferred communication methods with their clients (Zoom, Loom, phone calls, etc.). You only have to sell.

Pain Point #3: White-label providers deliver sub-par work

Maybe you’ve used a white-label provider that you didn’t like or who provided sub-par services. The most common problem Michael and Brittany see is that they didn’t deliver what they promised. That’s why you need to understand their product and delivery timelines. How do you do that?

Ask to see examples of their monthly reporting to see examples of what’s being done. 51Blocks is 100% transparent and its team members are held accountable. Make sure that you discover your client’s goals during the sales process so you can ensure your provider is helping them execute and achieve those goals. If your provider isn’t aligned with their goals or doesn’t understand them, things can go awry.

51Blocks offers workflow support, operations and campaign planning, education, team management (recruiting and hiring), answers billing questions and other issues and concerns, and diffuses client fires (and reports any issues to you). They will customize the workflow support to fit their partners.

Pain Point #4: You’d rather manage your own clients

As the agency owner, you can become your biggest roadblock to success. You need to avoid death by fulfillment. Death by fulfillment is taking on so much yourself that you aren’t able to focus on sales. You won’t be able to scale and grow the business unless you offload tasks and roles to other people.

Your provider should support and communicate with you. And feeling supported is having a team on your side whenever you need them. They should be able to hop on sales calls, write quotes, and answer questions. Make sure your provider is open to this.

Your clients need to understand that they’re not paying for a person—they’re paying for results. As long as you drive home the value of their results and be their cheerleader, it becomes something you can step away from. They can know and trust other people—not just you.

How does 51Blocks handle this? They offer:

  • Client-facing communication
  • Day-to-day client management
  • Client fire resolution
  • Custom campaign fulfillment
  • Partnership check-ins
  • Monthly reporting

They constantly recruit not only to scale, but to constantly level up talent. Hiring the right people doesn’t have to be a point of stress for you.

Paint Point #5: You don’t have any case studies to sell

If you’re starting out, it’s hard to show your authority when you don’t have case studies. 51Blocks will give away case studies for free, you just have to ask. But you must also make sure that you can leverage your authority in other ways.

Leverage past clients you had in your previous work. Learn your niche and become the expert—fake it until you have the confidence you need. Act as if you’ve been there before.

51Blocks offers a partner center full of swipeable assets. They offer case studies, and swipeable lead magnets, social proof, graphics, product descriptions and timelines, and much more.

Does 51Blocks offer a customizable package? What different solutions do they offer? What do they offer for building websites? How do their PPC fees work? What niches do they have experience in? Listen to the whole episode to learn more about The Just Sell Method from 51Blocks.

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