The traffic and conversion summit is THE marketing summit to attend if you are interested in agency growth or learning how to serve your clients better. I have gone every year for the past 6 years and am blown away by the amount of learning that takes place each time I go. I want to share with you the key takeaways that I learned from this fantastic event. I’d like you to learn how to better serve your clients and to get more clients in your own niche. Listen to these key insights on how to grow your agency.

It was another amazing year at the Traffic & Conversion Summit. Ryan Diess, Roland Frasier, Perry Belcher & the entire Digital Marketer Team put on another amazing event.

I spent 3 days attending all of the Agency-specific sessions and came away with some tremendous ideas, insights & strategies. I took copious notes and even spent a full day on Thursday (after the event) with a small group of other agency owners consolidating what we learned and getting clear on what we can apply to the growth of our Digital Marketing Agencies.

On this episode, I share our key insights & strategies…

Outline of This Episode

  • [6:22] Most paid traffic comes through Google and Facebook
  • [13:08] Conversation is the new lead
  • [16:09] Customers want a community
  • [21:33] Do you have a bold vision for your agency?
  • [29:26] Always ask for advice instead of feedback
  • [39:45] Facebook lead ads are a great way to find leads
  • [57:03] Training a great team is a key to growth
  • [61:24] How can you learn how to build your agency
  • [82:58] Some questions

Are you focusing your advertising efforts in the right places?

Almost all paid traffic now comes through Google and Facebook which means that advertising through these avenues is only going to get more expensive. This is why it is so important to understand how they work. You need to understand Google Adwords, Facebook pixels, and targeting to get the most bang for your buck. These services will control the digital marketing world over the next 3-5 years. When you discover how to make your clients’ brand the known entity in their market you can then start getting a lower cost per lead.

Bots are the future of communication

I hadn’t really been paying much attention to bot tools, but I was blown away by a seminar on bots. Over the next 5 years, chat tools will become more and more automated and 85% of customer interactions will be through bots. The bot tool that was well represented was Many Chat. If you learn more about this upcoming technology you can position yourself as the expert on bots to your clients. Many Chat even offers free intensive training on messenger bots at their website, you can find the link below in the resources section. Learn how to begin target customers with chatbots and end the conversation with a real person.

Facebook lead ads have 10X the power of typical Facebook ads

Have you been using Facebook lead ads? You’re probably aware of the power of doing Facebook Lives by now. 70% of video being uploaded onto Facebook is now via live streaming. Using Facebook Live is a great way to provide authenticity on your page. But you can also start Facebook Lead Ads to create less friction than typical Facebook ads that lead to an outside landing page. Since Facebook already has people’s information there is no need for people to have to fill out a form and you get their phone number as well, which is a more valuable piece of information than an email address. Hear why you need to be using Facebook Lead ads for your clients.

Are you looking for agency growth and support?

The Seven-Figure Agency membership is a way to give you access to other agencies where you can find accountability, support, and help. We are a group of digital marketing experts that can help you get your business model just right. We will help you find clients, learn how to retain clients, grow your agency, and become an expert in your niche. We have monthly training, presentations, and tools like contracts and funnels. Check out becoming a member of The Seven Figure Agency to find the support and accountability you need for the right agency growth.

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