Day 1 of the Traffic and Conversion Summit is over and I want to pass some key insights on to you guys. I wish I could pass on the energy of the event since that is the most powerful part of an event like this. Although I can’t pass on the energy of the environment I can share with you some key insights that I learned already on day 1.

Just wrapped up day one of the Traffic & Conversion Summit. Here are my key insights for the day…

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] Things are changing in the online marketing space
  • [3:08] Bots will be taking over the majority of communication
  • [7:15] Community is the new brand
  • [9:44] What is your mission?

The online marketing space is changing

Amazon, Google, and Facebook are the main players these days, the little guys have been swallowed up. More than 70% of paid ads are coming through Google and Facebook and this number will only increase over time. Getting your message out there will only become more and more expensive. So you need to think about how you can become more relevant in your space. Build your brand with your target audience so that you don’t have to rely exclusively on paid ads. You also need to think of creative ways to get your clients in front of their ideal customer. How will you change within the digital marketing space?

The future of communication lies with bots

Bots and artificial intelligence will be taking over the majority of communication and the automation of marketing. The presenter showed live examples of chatbots having a real conversation which seamlessly led to a conversation with a live person. You need to start looking at how you can leverage messenger bots for your clients. It is estimated that 85% of customer interactions will be through messenger bots by 2020. Many Chat has training on how messenger bots work that you can utilize to become the messenger bot expert in your space.

Community is the new brand

Community is what your customers are saying about you when you are not in the room. When you develop a community for clients you are able to control that conversation. Think about how you can start to aggregate your community and begin to take community development to the next level. When you develop your own community you can have your clients engage and learn from each other. You can begin to create deeper relationships with your clients and help them in new ways. Think about developing a community in your space to up your client interactions.

What is your mission?

Have you thought about your mission as a company? Creating a mission can help you find your way and grow your business. It not only helps you focus, but it helps your team understand your goals as well. Our mission is to help 1000 plumbing marketers triple their sales. We are excited about building our community and our team and ensuring that we reach our goal. So how does your mission align with where you want your company to be?

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