The SEO strategies and tried-and-true approaches aren’t working like they used to. As agencies, we have to remain on the cutting edge and understand how the algorithms are changing.

In this session—with Joseph S. Kahn and Joey Trend of HumJam—we unpack some of the most effective SEO tactics for agency owners. Don’t miss out on this great opportunity to learn from two SEO professionals who have been helping companies succeed in search engine rankings for years.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:42] Learn more about Joseph S. Kahn and Joey Trend of HumJam
  • [13:21] Old SEO strategies that are no longer effective
  • [22:17] How to take HumJam’s harmonized approach to SEO
  • [35:04] Why your client needs to be involved and invested
  • [50:11] The top tools that agency owners need (and how to leverage them)
  • [57:37] How to properly use the ClickUp platform
  • [1:04:30] Using AI and technology to create content

Old SEO strategies that are no longer effective

The #1 issue that Joseph and Joey see is the reliance on “More is better.” Agencies are writing blogs, posting on social media, and staying busy. But “busy” doesn’t equal results. A local business didn’t hire you to push out content and complete tasks. The local client is expecting results. They’re expecting happy customers. They’re expecting their business to be ranked in the #1 spot in Google. They want the phone to ring and new clients onboarding.

The old-school method was built on back-linking. People paid thousands of dollars for PBNs. The backlink game still works but it will fade out. That’s why you want to focus on harmony. You can’t focus on one thing that works. You have to build authority. You have to do competitive research in your niche. You need to match and outdo what your competitors are doing. All of your strategies and tactics must work in harmony.

How to use HumJam’s harmonized approach to SEO

Harmonize with the client first by setting up a playlist. What is the intention of the marketplace? When someone comes to you, what is the main complaint or issue they’re trying to solve? To ensure success, you need to find out what jobs they want more of and what they want. You can’t just assume. Don’t kill someone with success.

Then you target 25 songs (i.e. keywords) and get them on your playlist. The only songs that should be on the playlist should be the ones people are looking for. You dial in your SEO strategy on those 25 songs. When you do that, you’ll also rank for other keywords and phrases. Then you need to track them. You should always be able to tie the target keywords directly to your results to show your clients the ROI.

Why your client needs to be involved and invested

Business owners want to pay to get results. But if they want success, they have to get involved and stay involved. You can’t just do blanket PR. The business owner has to get involved in their local chamber, church, community, etc. They have to share things on their personal social media.

They have to continue to champion their business in their local market. They need their “fans” to engage with them, give them good reviews and referrals, and sing their praises. Building your reputation locally increases your domain authority from the EAT score perspective.

How to leverage client testimonials

Take a video of the work being done, drop a map pin with the image/video, and post it on social and GMB. You’ve then created a YouTube video that you can backlink to a portfolio review of the project on your website. Then you share the YouTube video all over social media. Then encourage social media to engage. This all helps you build authority and beat the competition.

Creating good and engaging content is the first step. Go to your old customers, your lists, etc. and offer them the latest deal if they engage on your social media. Give your prospect a task to do and encourage them to interact to create a fan base.

Using AI and technology to create content

Joey stays on top of the newest things, which is why they’ve done a lot of testing with ChatGPT. Unfortunately, they’ve found that local agencies are using ChatGPT without editing it and re-spinning it. This is a huge problem. Why?

It’s “watermarked.” You have to change the nouns, verbs, and adjectives and their placement. If you don’t, Google will learn to recognize their algorithm and know your blog post is written by ChatGPT and you’ll get dinged. So at the very least take a spinner, analyze your content, and make sure it’s graded as “100% human.”

HumJam wanted to create a solution for businesses that isn’t a high-dollar gig but provides them with everything they need to rank. It’s designed to give a business everything needed to run the business (even a website). It allows business owners to focus on adding their special touch and letting the AI do grunt work.

HumJam’s AI builds familiarity with your local area so when it spits out content, it references people, places, locations, etc., from your area. The more jobs you post, the more it’s trained on the local space. Their AI is about getting the right content in the right places. Learn all about it in this episode!

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