Are you ready to start leveraging AI in your agency? If you want to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your agency—and be on the cutting edge in your niche—you need to embrace AI. In this interview, Stefan Georgi walks us through some of the best AI tools available that you can use to iterate faster, improve efficiency, and grow your digital marketing agency.

Watch the full interview now below:

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:57] How to use Open AI’s Playground
  • [9:09] How to use Playground and Fliki to create ads
  • [20:32] Use Content@Scale for SEO content creation
  • [28:13] How to use GetMunch to repurpose videos
  • [35:10] Learn how to use Quillbot to spin copy
  • [38:19] Innovative ways to leverage Playground
  • [44:20] Use to create your own chatbot
  • [53:05] Where to connect with and learn more about Stefan
  • [55:35] Joe Graisbery’s thoughts on AI-generated content
  • [57:40] Is all AI content plagiarized?
  • [1:03:51] Don’t be afraid to embrace short-term thinking

The available AI tools and how to use them

We are entering a golden era of AI. Most platforms are built off of GPT-3, an AI model from OpenAI. Stefan likes to use Playground from Open AI (more so than ChatGPT). You can add specific prompts, tell it to write a 1,500-word blog article, and it writes it. Stefan demonstrates how to use it in the video. Check it out!

Another AI tool that Stefan likes to use is Fliki. He can take ad copy (generated by Playground) and paste it into Fliki and the tool will take AI voices and create video clips. You can choose between numerous male and female voices to create audio or video clips.

Content@Scale allows you to upload a list of keywords (choose ones that are high volume with very little competition). It takes those keywords and can create a long-form post for each of them. You can open the post and add images and further optimize it and make edits. They claim they are “Google proof” and that Google can’t tell their content was written by AI. Jasper would be a similar tool.

GetMunch allows you to take a YouTube video and create clips from it. You can take those bite-sized chunks and post them on social media. You can easily edit and trim the videos when necessary. Stefan used to shoot reels every single day and add the captions himself. Now, he can grab something from GetMunch and quickly post it to maintain consistency, even if it doesn’t get as many likes, shares, etc.

Quillbot is a tool you can use to spin copy. You can take copy written by something like Playground or ChatGPT, paste it in Quillbot, and it will rephrase the sentences for you. It will output a document that notes the changes and highlights words and phrases where you can click a dropdown and choose an alternate option. lets you create different AI profiles. You can feed it your blog content, emails, YouTube videos—any data you want to give it about yourself. takes that information and creates a chatbot version of you. It can create suggested questions and answer questions as you. The more information you give it, the better it will be at thinking and generating output that sounds like you.

Innovative ways to leverage Playground

You can use the playground to write ad copy. You can use it to write full-length blog posts. Stefan imported a list of his company’s values and asked Playground to write a warning letter—as someone from HR—to an employee who wasn’t living up to a certain value. It output a blunt but well-written warning letter.

Stefan entered another prompt asking it to write an employee handbook based on those core values—and it did. It may not be perfect but it saves time having to find a template and write everything from scratch yourself. You just need to edit the output.

Watch or listen to learn more ways you can leverage Playground!

Is all AI content plagiarized?

Stefan points out that the AI is predictive and generates answers based on your prompt. It is not programmed, canned responses. The AI writes unique content that isn’t copied from other websites. However, it does spit out similar answers if someone is asking the same questions.

The concern is that people will use AI to generate thousands of blog posts, hoping quantity will win out. But Stefan notes that quality will always win over quantity. You’ll always need high-quality content to rank. AI is still a great way to generate content but you’ll have to edit it and make it better.

Don’t be afraid to embrace AI

As you dive in with AI, it can be overwhelming. But you need to adopt an agile, lean mentality and embrace AI. You can produce exponentially more content more efficiently when you use AI. AI allows us to accomplish something in three months that may have taken three years before.

You have to adjust your mindset and embrace the tools and leverage them to get ahead of the competition. The people that can produce content, copy, ads, etc. 100x faster than their competitors will have the leg up. You need to start using and testing these tools to drive better results and be more efficient.

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