There’s no question—AI is going to make a huge impact on the future of content creation. So how can we leverage AI to our advantage? Shaun Clark, the creator of HighLevel, is back! In this session, he shares how to use AI for funnels, workflows, and follow-up sequences directly inside HighLevel. He covers some exciting new updates and features that HighLevel is rolling out. This episode is packed with valuable tips and tricks and answers to questions from the audience. He also answers questions from the audience and provides valuable tips and tricks.

Learn more about this by watching the whole video now below:

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:00] The AI options available in HighLevel
  • [11:18] Why HighLevel is focusing on a pay-as-you-go model
  • [16:45] Why the tech is available now versus beta-testing
  • [18:39] Can you choose between AI models?
  • [19:41] When ad creation will be available
  • [21:27] What’s rolling out in quarter two
  • [34:08] How to position AI as a value add for your agency
  • [36:52] The Eliza option within HighLevel
  • [40:18] How to train bots to answer questions
  • [43:33] Can AI create custom funnels?
  • [45:08] Combined use calendar integration
  • [47:40] Why AI isn’t replacing people
  • [53:19] Automated reporting for client retention

HighLevel and OpenAI integrations

HighLevel now has a section where you can create content using AI. You can specify the type of content (outline, section, introduction, etc.) and choose writing tones and variations. You input prompts to give the AI more information so that the output is what you want.

In quarter two, they’re going to create chatbots to help customers book appointments. You’ll be able to train the bot and give it context to use across different channels in HighLevel.

HighLevel gets hundreds of the same questions over and over. A chatbot can help answer those questions so their team can transition to calls and customer engagement. Shaun believes that these chatbots will help move them from 60% toward an 80–95% rate of booked appointments.

It’s all built on Open AI. Sean and his team are working behind the scenes to figure out where to use what model (i.e., chatGPT-3 versus ChatGPT-4). Shaun’s goal is to get the technology into the hands of customers to see how they use it.

What else is rolling out in quarter two?

  • You’ll be able to customize the white-label mobile app
  • Revenue generation analytics will be available
  • The option to create estimates and proposals
  • A HighLevel version of communities

Listen to learn more about each of these things!

How to position AI as a value add for your agency

AI will be the way things are done moving forward. Your clients know about AI and have likely tested it. So the sooner you can get tools in the hands of your clients, the better. Why not give them the tools to get things done and create a revenue opportunity for your business?

You can also use HighLevel to see what your clients are doing with the AI. You can come alongside them and coach them how to do things differently. Teach your clients how to use AI effectively to benefit their business. At the end of the day, it’s about creating value while leveraging your expertise.

Will AI replace your employees?

Saun asked the person who managed his web chat team what percentage of the time she’s using templates to answer customer questions. It was 95% of the time. Sean could say “Great, let’s fire the whole team and replace them with AI.” But that’s not the right mindset. Instead, he’s going to shift those VAs somewhere where their talent is best leveraged. It will shift people’s time toward things that will move the ball forward.

Automated reporting for client retention

Sean used to run a company called Invoice Sherpa. The software would connect with Quickbooks and other platforms to automate invoice reminders for customers. In the early days, people would walk in the door with over $1 million in past-due receivables. Sean would automate texts and emails to customers so they could click a button and pay their invoices. Within the first week, he helped some customers recover $100,000.

But they continued to cancel the service. It didn’t make any sense. Sean found out that people didn’t realize what he was doing. There was no visibility. So Sean created a weekly success report. He’d send them an email that laid out what his service did for them. Churn disappeared overnight.

Sean wants to bring that same concept to the agency model. HighLevel already has stellar account reporting. They are rolling out the ability to schedule a report with selected stats that you want to deliver to the client. The client will see exactly what you want them to see. There are numerous customization options available.

This is a tremendous value add for agencies. It’s an amazing client retention tool. It reminds clients that you’re doing something valuable.

Sean delivers numerous ways you can leverage AI to provide value for your clients and your business in this episode. Don’t miss it!

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