It’s a new month! How did you do in February? How are you progressing toward your goals for the quarter? What are you going to accomplish this month? Are you on track or do you need to course correct? Now is a great time to review, refocus and recommit.

Let’s spend a few minutes making sure we are clear on goals and targets and plan to close the 1st quarter strong and create a new wave of momentum! Watch the video to learn what you can do to review, refocus, and commit to your goals.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:29] How should you start each month and quarter?
  • [4:00] The ultimate success formula
  • [6:19] Thoughts, feelings, actions and results
  • [9:06] Review your sales & retention tracking sheet
  • [11:23] Review your Profit & Loss (P&L) sheet
  • [13:07] Build a plan to reach your goals

How should you start each month and quarter?

Review. If you don’t review, things get away from you.

You also need to celebrate your accomplishments. If you only think about the clients you lost or the employee that left, you’re going to create more of that in your business. Celebrate your wins with your team and let them know that you appreciate them.

Then you need to reset. You need to make sure your goals are on track. What worked that you want to do more of? What didn’t work that you need to correct?

Lastly, you need to refocus your efforts. Your mind can only think so far in advance. Where do you want to be by the end of March? How much recurring revenue? How many clients?

If you spend 10 minutes looking at these things, you’ll end the first quarter on a high note.

The ultimate success formula

Keep the ultimate success formula in mind:

  1. Know what you want. Do you want to build a seven-figure agency? Do you want a seven-figure income?
  2. Get clear on why you want it. Why is building a seven-figure agency important to you? If you aren’t clear on your why, you won’t focus and get things done.
  3. Take massive action. Some of us love personal development and setting goals. But you have to do the work. You have to set appointments, close deals, serve clients, and control your finances.
  4. Take action toward your goal until you succeed. There is no way to fail. You will get there.

Did you get enough appointments? Did you make enough sales? Are you getting client testimonials or case studies? Make corrections to the plan on a monthly and quarterly basis. If you do this consistently, you will reach your goals.

Thoughts, feelings, actions and results

Your thoughts lead your feelings, your feelings lead your actions, and your actions drive results. You can’t only focus on the negativity that surrounds you. You’ll slow down. You won’t take action or drive results.

It’s important to focus your thoughts on things that inspire and motivate you. Focus on the opportunities, not the problems or pitfalls. You have the ability to control your outcome. There is abundance right now. So focus on what you want to accomplish and the actions you’ll take.

Be clear on your goals for the month, for the quarter, and for the rest of this year. Do your ongoing planning. Join the Seven Figure Agency for monthly masterminds to help you work your plan.

But the magic happens in your daily rituals. Start your day doing things that will put you in a positive state of mind. Review your goals and focus on what you want to accomplish. If you’re out of rhythm, it can kill the momentum in your business.

Review your sales & retention tracking sheet

How are you doing to this point in the year? Are you on track or off track? Are you losing more clients than you’re gaining? Look at your balance. If you’re off track, it might be related to strategy sessions. Maybe you’re not getting enough appointments with the ideal prospect in your space. You might need to focus on your cold outreach, Facebook ads, etc. to fill your funnel.

What if retention is the problem? If you’re losing more than 3% a month, you need to focus on fixing this. Is it your onboarding process? Is something off in your account management process? Are you seeding the vision? Maybe you have the best customer management strategy in this world but you aren’t delivering results. If your clients don’t see tangible value from your services, that’s a problem.

Review your Profit & Loss (P&L) sheet

The reality is that profit is important. You need to look at the revenue you generated and how much you profited. You might bring in $197,000 in revenue but only profit $20,000. That’s probably not the profit metric you’re looking for, right? This is mission-critical.

You have a responsibility to track your revenue and profits and adjust course as needed. You might be overspending on delivery or marketing. Maybe you’ve over-hired. You need to be more conscious of the P&L than ever and quickly make adjustments.

Build a plan to reach your goals

Now you need to build a plan and track your results. What will you change? What will you focus on? Make sure that it’s clear for your team. Set specific goals. How many clients do you want to land? What do you expect for churn? What revenue are you shooting for? What profit do you expect to see? What will you do in sales, retention, profitability, and client retention?

It’s a new month. Let’s double down and get the outcomes we’re after!

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