Are you in the digital marketing agency business and looking to scale your operations while retaining clients at the highest level possible? If so, you’re in the right place. In this video, we’ll delve into advanced strategies for growing your agency and ensuring your clients remain satisfied.

The Crucial Role of Account Managers

To successfully expand your agency, you must recognize that you can’t do it all alone. One of the pivotal roles you need to fill is that of account managers. These individuals are responsible for client interactions, report analysis, setting expectations, and, most importantly, ensuring client retention.

Over the years, our agency has hired numerous account managers, ranging from recent high school graduates to seasoned professionals. Through this experience, we’ve come to appreciate the value of using personality profiles and assessments as a predictive tool for identifying the right candidates for this role.

The Kolbe Assessment: A Game-Changer

One assessment we highly recommend is the Kolbe Assessment. This tool provides valuable insights into a candidate’s striving personality. It helps us identify individuals who are not only persuasive but also capable of follow-through and meeting client expectations.

Two key attributes we look for in Kolbe assessments are:

  1. High Fact Finder: In the dynamic field of digital marketing, it’s essential that account managers are well-informed about digital marketing, including SEO, pay-per-click, and social media. Clients hire us because they want to work with experts. A high Fact Finder score indicates that a person enjoys research and staying updated, ensuring they can provide clients with accurate information.
  2. Follow Through: Equally important is the ability to follow through on tasks, even repetitive ones. Account managers need to take notes, follow up, and ensure that tasks are completed. High Follow Through scores are indicators of individuals who excel in this area and are committed to their roles for the long term.

The DISC Assessment: Understanding Personality Dynamics

Another valuable assessment is the DISC assessment, which explores different facets of personality. When evaluating account managers, we aim for individuals with relatively high D (Dominance) and I (Influence) characteristics.

  • Dominance (D): A moderate level of dominance is essential in account managers. Clients expect confident and knowledgeable individuals who can stand their ground and represent your agency effectively.
  • Influence (I): Account managers should also possess a high level of interpersonal communication skills. They should enjoy interacting with clients, building relationships, and engaging in conversations. This dynamic quality is essential for fostering client bonds.

Building a Winning Account Management Team

In summary, to build an effective account management team and elevate your agency, consider the following steps:

  1. Implement the Kolbe Assessment: Invest in a Kolbe assessment for prospective account managers to identify those with high Fact Finder and Follow Through scores.
  2. Utilize the DISC Assessment: Evaluate candidates for Dominance and Influence characteristics to ensure they can confidently represent your agency and engage with clients.

Remember, your agency’s growth relies on assembling the right team, particularly in account management. By selecting individuals who fit the role and investing in their development, you can enhance client retention, boost your agency’s reputation, and drive growth.

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