Landing clients is not the biggest challenge for a digital marketing agency. Retaining them is.

If you can’t sell and retain clients, then you cannot grow your agency.

In this session, we covered how agencies can keep their most valuable assets: clients! 

Learn how to:

► Nurture your client relationships
► Maximize the onboarding process
► Communicate successfully
► And much more…

…so your clients stay, and you can continue doing great work, growing your agency AND your bank account.

► You must realize that the #1 reason a client leaves is perceived indifference. Think about your own experiences. When you feel like a vendor doesn’t care, what do you do? You vote with your feet. Out the door.

► Everything you do should manage client perception, and communicate that you care about them and their business. Provide the client experience that makes clients feel important, and want to stay with you.

► You must have a world-class, proactive client on-boarding process. In other words the “make nice” doesn’t stop at the end of the sales process (we’ve all had that experience!). Think through your onboarding process, and systematize it.

► It is critical to provide a robust ongoing client management process. Emphasize strategic monthly review calls that cover KPI’s, progress, and next steps. Clients need to regularly know exactly what they are getting for the money they are spending. These are important conversations to convey the care you take of their business.

► Do everything it takes to provide them with strong results (Tangible ROI). Note that ROI alone will NOT keep clients on board though—if you fail to manage the client experience.

You Have To Get Results For Clients

More Importantly, You Must Make Them Feel Pursued, Loved, And Cared For SERIOUSLY!

If clients can’t imagine you being able to take them to the next level, and you don’t consistently bring new ideas/strategies to the table, they will begin to look elsewhere.

You can access the workbook we used in this session by clicking HERE.

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