How do we maximize client retention? How do we make them so happy with their results that they tell others about us? The Maximum Client Retention Formula. In today’s video, I’ll share some specific strategies that will help you generate tangible, measurable, quick wins for your clients that you can use in addition to your core program. Because the secret to client retention is results.

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:33] The Maximum Client Retention Formula
  • [2:02] Map out the customer experience 
  • [4:25] Strategy #1: Launch a paid search campaign
  • [5:55] Strategy #2: Run a database reactivation campaign
  • [8:06] Strategy #3: Set up a live chat option
  • [9:13] Strategy #4: Set up a missed call text back
  • [10:17] strategy #5: Activate a retargeting campaign

Map out the Customer Experience 

In the book, “The E-Myth Revisited,” Michael Gerber talks about the concept of engineering the experience. You can’t haphazardly start a relationship. You need to create an amazing onboarding experience. 

But if the client is 90 days in and they don’t see you generating new leads or sales opportunities, they’re going to start to question your work—even if you set the expectation that it will take 90+ days to begin to see results.

So you need to engineer quick wins. What can you do in the first week to drive results? 

Strategy #1: Launch a paid search campaign

At Plumbing & HVAC SEO we build a website, optimize it for search engines, focus on Google maps, and get the site to rank organically for key terms. But the other piece we implement immediately is leveraging paid ads (local, Google, Facebook, etc.). 

There’s no reason you can’t launch a basic Google ad or Facebook campaign immediately, even while a website is being built or modified. Choose the most important keywords and drive the ads to a landing page. Make it your goal to get a campaign launched within the first week.  Because the sooner you can generate a lead, an inquiry, or an actual sale—the better. 

Strategy #2: Run a database reactivation campaign

Look at current customers and prospects that have inquired but haven’t converted. How often are your clients communicating with them? Are they sending emails and text messages? Are they calling them and following up? 

Most of your clients likely don’t do anything with their existing database. They’re leaving opportunities on the table. So an easy strategy you should take advantage of is reconnecting with past customers or unconverted opportunities. It can be as simple as sending an offer in an email or a text message. 

Strategy #3: Set up a live chat option

Your client likely already has a website, a GMB profile, and a Facebook page. But it’s hard to interact on those pages. If you use highlevel, you can drop a widget or piece of code and create a chat bubble. This can engage with new opportunities and generate traffic. Put the live chat on their website, their google profile, and their Facebook page. 

Strategy #4: Set up a missed call text back

This can be used in every industry. Your clients won’t be able to answer every call that comes in, right? If their call goes unanswered, the prospect is 90% more likely to go to a competitor. If you’re unable to answer, this function can immediately text whoever called, apologize, and ask what they need help with. It’s a great way to capture unconverted opportunities. Get this in play as soon as possible. 

Strategy #5: Activate a retargeting campaign

Your clients should have traffic to their website, Facebook page, etc. Get a pixel on their site and retarget visitors. When done correctly, it doubles the probability of earning business on behalf of your client. Your clients will start to see their own website on banner ads and when they’re on Facebook. They’ll see that you have it together. 

Which of these will you put in place? What do you do to get clients quick wins? Let me know! 

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