Listen to my agency success Interview with Nick Kremer from Driven Leads! This episode is packed with information about lead generation for real estate. Nick also gives us insight into his methodologies, what his agency offers, and so much more! This is one you don’t want to miss.

Nick’s lead generation niche in real estate

When Nick started his business, he was transitioning out of web-hosting. It wasn’t something he was passionate about. But now, he had a good model for a business. Over the years, his typical client has evolved. His original “perfect client model” was doing lead gen for full-time agents who close at least 12-24 houses a year. They’d approach Nick looking to double their closings—and he was the right guy to help them.

Over time, Driven Leads expanded to work with agents and brokers, full-time or part-time, as long as they were a good fit for the company. His strategy worked, and people took notice. The business became more successful as current clients referred friends, who referred more friends. Soon the snowball effect catapulted their business—which now makes around $70,000 a month. Keep listening as we cover his recommendations for choosing a niche.

What makes Driven Leads different from every other agency?

Unlike most agencies, Nick offers his clients month-to-month services with NO contracts. Clients pay a flat monthly fee—for an advertising budget up to $5,000 a month—or 10% of ad spend for the month. They add some a la carte options, but they work primarily managing lead generation.

They could offer web design, search engine optimization (SEO), and other related services. However, many people don’t understand that it takes time to generate traffic through SEO. Many agents prefer to advertise, and it’s a more direct route for them to take to generate leads.

Keep listening to hear all about Nick’s team, how they manage their clients, and weekly and monthly reports for their clients.

How a lead generation agency attracts clients with ZERO marketing

Nick has never spent money marketing his agency. He primarily operates off of word-of-mouth. He has some clients who work with real estate coaches and report their success—and the coaches send more clients his way. If you focus on customer happiness and do great work, clients will find you. Your network can be your most powerful source of growth!

Another ingenious way that Nick generates leads is pretty simple: He answers people’s questions. He’ll join real estate Facebook groups to answer questions and be a true source of information—no strings attached. He’s not trying to sell people and he’s making the group better.

It’s not about “infiltrating the group” and direct messaging people. You shouldn’t join groups to scout out clients. Instead, find meaningful ways to give back. Offer free advice and encouragement. Be accessible to people. They will seek you out.

The 3 big lessons Nick has learned

  1. Hire an Accountant and attorney that you trust. It’s important.
  2. Be open with your team. Be open about your profit and loss statement. Strategize goals together and give everyone an incentive to do their best work.
  3. Give of your time and your knowledge. You never know—one piece of helpful advice could attract your next client.

Above all, Nick says as a business owner you need to strive to stay humble. Admit when you make mistakes and learn from them. Stay hungry and don’t let complacency settle in. Find a niche that excites you, so you can wake up every day and look forward to the work you do. Then, someday, maybe you’ll be the one featured in this podcast.


  • [1:00] Nick gives an overview of his agency
  • [2:10] Nick talks about how he makes it work with Real Estate clients
  • [4:55] He explains what his typical client is
  • [9:10] He gives insight into how he created his current model
  • [12:10] He gives the services he provides his clients
  • [14:55] Nick talks about why he doesn’t offer SEO
  • [17:30] The team structure Nick has created to manage his 100 clients
  • [21:50] Nick explains their monthly and weekly review process
  • [25:35] He shares how he was able to get his reporting program’s set up
  • [27:55] Nick talks about what kind of leads he generates most
  • [29:25] We talk about his first 5 clients and what he learned from them
  • [34:45] Nick shares how he generates clients on a consistent basis
  • [37:10] He gives insight into how he chooses which groups to tap into
  • [40:25] Nick shares the 3 big lessons he has learned
  • [44:35] Final nuggets of wisdom

Resources Mentioned

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