If you’re trying to land more sales for your digital marketing agency, a powerful sales funnel is crucial. Your potential clients will move from stage to stage within the sales funnel, eventually having the resources and encouragement they need to hire your team. Building a process that hits the right sales funnel stages can help you land more clients and grow your profitability. 

Here are the six stages to include in a sales funnel for marketing agencies:

Stage #1: Awareness

Before users can hire your marketing agency, they must be aware of your offerings. Awareness is the first stage in the sales funnel, and since it is at the top of the funnel, it encompasses the widest portion of your target audience. It defines the first time a person hears about your marketing agency. 

Users may not yet know they need your help during the awareness stage. They could be learning about your business for several reasons. But your job during the awareness stage is to give them all the information they may need to move forward with the sales process.

Give users easy access to information about your:

  • Company mission, values, and goals
  • Services and offerings
  • Target buyer persona (such as your marketing agency niche)

Not everyone who learns about your marketing agency will become a customer. That’s why you should focus on tailoring the narrower stages of the funnel to keep the high-quality leads who do need your services. 

Stage #2: Interest

Once a person becomes aware of your business, your next job is to spark interest in your services. You can do so by creating blog posts, social media posts, and website content with more details about the problems your agency solves. 

By sparking interest in potential clients, you’ll also build authority that may make them likelier to higher you. You’ll know your efforts in this stage have paid off when users take a small step in the customer journey, such as:

  • Liking your social media posts
  • Giving you their email address
  • Following you on social media
  • Commenting on a blog post

Stage #3: Evaluation

Your potential clients won’t just take your claims at face value. Many will want to spend time evaluating your services and making sure 1) they’re effective and 2) they’re solutions the user needs. They’ll also evaluate you against other digital marketing agencies. 

You can aid the evaluation process by providing statistics and data about the success of your marketing strategies. You can also include customer testimonials on your website to show how you have benefitted real clients. 

Stage #4: Engagement

Now is the time to present an offer your potential clients can’t resist. This offer should be low-risk, so users feel they have nothing to lose by taking you up on it. Accepting the offer will move them one step closer to becoming paying customers. 

This engagement offer could be a free strategy session in which you give expert advice on why their business is struggling. It also increases your authority and builds a personal connection, increasing their chances of hiring you. 

Stage #5: Purchase

If your efforts are successful, enough users will be left after the above sales funnel stages to become paying customers. They’ll have evaluated your services and determined that you have the answers to their challenges. 

As users transition to this stage, make it as easy as possible for them to complete the purchase. Offer several payment methods and a user-friendly onboarding process. If a client thinks they may need to jump through too many hoops to take advantage of your services, they may back down from the purchase at the last second. 

Stage #6: Loyalty

Many marketers end the sales funnel at stage five. But selling one marketing service isn’t necessarily the end goal for your digital marketing agency. Instead, your goal should be an ongoing relationship with a client that showcases loyalty on both ends. 

You can prioritize loyalty by:

  • Providing consistent data about your marketing strategies
  • Showcasing excellent customer service
  • Offering referral deals
  • Providing feedback polls

To set up sales funnels that work, you’ll need to endure some trial and error, implement A/B testing, and call on professionals for assistance. Join the Seven Figure Agency to gain access to a community of agency owners who have already nailed down the sales funnel stages and are ready to pass on that knowledge to you. 

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