The fastest way to grow your agency is to model other successful people. So in this special panel, we’ll interview members of the Seven Figure Agency who made the INC 5000 list. They are some of the fastest-growing digital marketing agencies in the world.

In this panel, we’ll unpack:

  • How they’ve grown their agency so quickly
  • What their model looks like
  • How they land clients
  • What’s working best to deliver world-class results to their clients
  • How they retain clients at the highest level
  • What they are doing to recruit and retain A-Players on their team
  • The strategies and techniques that have propelled their growth
  • You can watch the interview below.

Who you get to learn from:

  • Billy Sticker with ChiroCandy
  • JC Hite with Hite Digital
  • Nate Hagerty and Troy Lakey of TaxProMarketer
  • Chris Dreyer with
  • Eric Schaefer and David Kauzlaric with Agency Elevation
  • Bill Hauser with SMB Team
  • Seth Price with BluShark Digital

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:17] Learn more about each agency and their niche
  • [11:02] The #1 strategy each agency uses to propel growth
  • [45:57] What’s working best for client deliverables
  • [1:26:13] Make sure you’re constantly learning

The #1 strategy each agency uses to propel growth

Billy Sticker started his business as a podcast, interviewing industry leaders. So when he started his agency, he already had referrals because of the relationships he’d built with his guests. His son, Brady, is building the same model for pastors and churches. Referral sources are their biggest lead generators.

JC Hite focuses on the five levels of service: What is very basic, what your clients expect, what they desire from you, how you surprise them, and what’s unbelievable. How do you treat your clients at every single touch point? How can you surprise them? He applies the same philosophy to his team to create an unbelievable experience for their team and clients.

Nate and Troy shifted to consultative selling and implemented team care (one week off for the whole team every 8 weeks). Bill runs his company intentionally, with KPIs and objectives that they meet because they’re mission-driven. They focus on offering value. They stop focusing on what they sell and the power of helping others.

Erich makes sure they offer diversified services and do them well. They build teams that excel in those areas. You don’t want to start too narrow because your client needs multiple ways to realize success. You also want to make sure you find something that differentiates you and makes you unique.

Listen to hear what Chris Dreyer and Seth Price have to say!

What’s working best for client deliverables

Billy and Brady help position their clients as the go-to experts in their niche. Getting them to produce short content to build their brand and community is important. They coach them how to do it. It’s not about the offer, it’s about the know, like, and trust factor. They’ve grown tremendously and now have an entire division focusing on short-form video for TikTok.

Nate and Troy point out that embracing an abundance mentality is important, Approach the market from a place of confidence and strength. Many people take years to make a mindset switch. They also focus on being an authority in their niche and understanding their minutiae. When you lean into what your clients care about it makes a world of difference.

Bill emphasizes that you need a process and a team in place that can execute. Most clients don’t have the bandwidth or the budget to spend what they need to spend to get their leads. The real battle is in the sales process. If the business owner follows up with each lead 15 times, things should fall into place. You have to make a mindset shift and believe that your business will grow.

David and Erich take things deeper. They work to understand what success looks like for their customer. It’s not just about selling leads or rankings. You need to know what’s important to your customer and help them reach those goals.

Chris shares that anyone in the SEO game knows it’s full of peaks and valleys. You have to be tenacious. Surround yourselves with knowledgeable people who are full of grit. They nurture and train their staff to be the best at their craft. They create navy seals of SEO and only recruit the best.

Seth works to stay one step ahead in the legal space. They figure out what’s coming next and experiment with it. Always put effort into research and development so you’re the first to jump on the newest thing.

Listen to the whole episode for more amazing tips and strategies from the leaders of the fastest-growing agencies in the United States. Don’t miss out on their expert advice!

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