Organizational Charts, commonly known as Org Charts, serve as graphical representations of the internal structure of an organization, highlighting the relationships between different positions.

In this video, I discussed the significance of mapping out your agency’s organizational chart and defining roles within your digital marketing agency.

By establishing a clear internal hierarchy, you as the business owner can gain a visual understanding of your organization, enabling you to plan strategically for stepping out of roles that you no longer wish to be in. This knowledge will assist you in identifying the right individuals for specific positions and creating a roadmap for growth and scalability.

If you want to optimize your agency’s structure and expand its potential, I highly recommend watching the video now below:

Outline of This Episode

  • [2:42] The positions you need to remove yourself from
  • [3:42] The Visionary and the Integrator
  • [6:22] Position #1: Sales & Marketing
  • [7:08] Position #2: Operations & Delivery
  • [8:02] Position #3: Account Management
  • [9:06] Position #4: Admin & Finance
  • [10:23] Why you need an org chart

The Visionary and the Integrator

In any business, you have marketing/sales, operations/delivery, account/retention management, and HR/Finance. If you’re thinking about this from the EOS perspective, you have the Visionary/CEO responsible for the direction of the company. They focus on high-level vision and direction of the business.

The second-in-command is the integrator or COO. This person runs EOS, manages the level 10s, and makes sure everything in the business is happening on time. When an agency is chasing their tail, someone is trying to be both the visionary and the integrator. It’s a recipe for failure.

A visionary is going to be a high quickstart and low follow-through. That’s most entrepreneurs. But they tend to fail because their level of follow-through is low. An integrator is high follow-through but doesn’t like to take risks. If you’re struggling to find momentum, you need an integrator.

Position #1: Operations & Delivery

The first position you need to hire for its operations and delivery. You can’t be the one doing the SEO, PPC, and hands-on daily work. Then you need to remove yourself from managing that.

In the early days, your visionary might hold the project management role. They make sure that the work is getting done on time. Someone is responsible for getting the work done for each key function in the business (web development, SEO, Paid Ads, Marketing Automation, etc.).

Position #2: Sales & Marketing

You need to designate someone to be responsible for marketing, running the webinars, setting up podcast interviews, doing cold outreach, finding events to attend, and filling the funnel. Then you need a salesperson or sales team to walk people through the consultative sales process. This is secondary to building operations and account management.

Position #3: Account Management

Account management is the person talking with the client, showing them what you’re doing, setting the pace for outcomes, and keeping the clients on board. As you grow, you’ll want a launch coordinator to onboard new clients. The account manager manages the relationship with the client. You’ll need one account manager per 25–30 clients.

Position #4: Admin & Finance

You need someone to handle paperwork, payroll, reviewing finances, paying bills, etc. A big mistake I see is that the visionary is trying to be the administrator. You get bogged down in admin work when you could find a high-quality VA to be responsible for processing the payroll, running the books, etc. Don’t put yourself in this seat.

Why you need an org chart

You need an org chart to gain clarity on the key functions in the business and to make sure you and your team know who’s in each seat (one person per seat). Set up a chart like this and put your name in the spot(s) that you sit in right now. Figure out what you do well and what you enjoy. Find what drains your energy and start to remove yourself from these positions over time. Once you have the key functions in this business fulfilled, you have a business that can operate without you.

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