As digital marketing agencies, our priority should always be to skyrocket our client’s conversion rates. In this video, I share the specific techniques that we use at Plumbing & HVAC SEO to generate remarkable results, which surpass the typical 10–15% conversion rate in the home services industry. I’ll cover infusing them with authenticity, understanding our client’s ideal customers, and incorporating the best practices for user experience among others. Don’t miss it! 

Learn more by watching the video now below:

Outline of This Episode

  • [0:41] Three examples of conversion rates and tracking
  • [4:45] Personality and Authenticity make the largest impact
  • [5:56] Learn to see things through the customer’s eyes
  • [9:05] Include video on your website whenever possible
  • [11:06] Feature the social proof on your client’s sites
  • [11:41] Get comfortable with using forms, SMS, and online booking
  • [13:05] Tap into the power of automation for your clients

Three examples of conversion rates and tracking

Most digital marketing agencies provide a mix of services. You need to offer a comprehensive service including website, SEO, PPC, retargeting, marketing automation, etc. that produces an ROI for your client.

We normally track:

  • How much they’re spending
  • How many leads are generated
  • Average cost per lead

In our first example, with Valley PLumbing in SLC, they’re spending almost $10,000 per month, have 510 tracked leads, and average $18.81 per lead. But we also track traffic to their website and the number of leads generated (including phone calls, web forms, and chats). They have a 35% conversion rate from visitor to lead. Most conversion rates in the home services space are between 15–20%.

So what makes a noticeable bump in conversion rates on our client websites? How can you generate better results from the website traffic?

Personality and Authenticity make the largest impact

Many clients have pretty websites full of cookie-cutter stock images. But your customer prefers to do business with a real person—someone they know, like, and trust. That’s why we always try to incorporate a picture of the owner and the real teams that work for our client’s businesses. It makes a noticeable increase from visitor to caller. How can you extract authentic imagery from your clients? 

Learn to see things through the customer’s eyes

Your web development and content teams need to think through the fears, frustrations, and challenges that a customer is facing. Make sure that is what’s featured in headlines and copy. The page’s copy and imagery have to resonate with the customer that’s landing on the page. What is your customer’s customer dealing with? 

If you run a niche-focused digital marketing agency, you need a good avatar for your customer’s customer. Your avatar should include knowing their:

  • Pains and frustrations
  • Fears and implications
  • Goals and desires
  • Dreams and aspirations

The better you and your team understand the avatar, the better your team can create a website that converts visitors to callers. The investment in understanding the customer avatar will pay off.

Include video on your website whenever possible

This will improve time on page and conversion rates. With AI rolling out the way it is, anyone can recreate content. It will only get you so far. But the one thing that will make your client stand out is actual footage of the owner talking about what they do, how they do it, what makes them different, and why someone should choose them. Get in front of your clients and come up with strategies to get video content on the website.

Listen to find out what else you can do to increase conversion rates from your client’s websites!

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