I’m San Diego for the Traffic & Conversion Summit. I got in a day before the event starts to mastermind with Mike Rhodes (one of the top guys in Google Ads / Paid Search). It was a great day with some fantastic insights for serving our clients better.

We’ve been attending the T&C over the past 6 years. Its a major investment in time / energy but something that I believe pays dividends. Here’s why attending these types of events is worth the time & investment…

Why invest your time, money & financial resources in training & events:

  1. Great information – If you run a digital marketing agency you owe it to your clients to remain on the cutting edge with what’s working & what’s drive the best results. Attending these types of events keep you on the cutting edge.
  2. Relationships – At live events, you meet amazing people. People who are committed to learning & growing. Some of my closest friendships have been made from people I met at these types of events over the years.
  3. Energy – There is massive energy in large groups. Just being in this type of environment can massively enhance your energy level and take you to the next level.

I truly believe you become an average of the people you affiliate with most. Anytime I get a chance to spend time with world-class people I jump on the opportunity.

Josh Nelsonwith Mike Rhodes


I’m all prepped and excited for my session on Wednesday afternoon. I’ll be sharing The Ultimate Agency Funnel – For Landing Clients OnDemand Without Having to Cold Call, Sit In Networking Meetings & Chase Prospects Down.