This is a very interesting survey conducted by BrightLocal.

Out of the 650 that responded:

– 117 are doing over $1M per year (18%)

– 20 over $5M

– 20 over $10M

Building a 7 Figure Agency is NOT pie in the sky.

A few other stats that stood out to me:

  • The average SEO is earning $81K per year
  • Their average client pays $1,779 per month
  • Only 15% are niche focused (what a huge opportunity) no way any of these generalist agencies can compete with a specialists in a specific niche
  • A full 95% are contacting less than 50 prospects per month!!?!
  • Most of them are relying on “word of mouth marketing” as their primary source of business. (Implement what I have given you guys…there is SO much low hanging fruit if you put a basic marketing strategy in okay to get clients coming into your agency)

Take a look at this survey and let me know what insights stand out to you…