When you’re first starting your business, budget is a major concern. However, there are things you must have to get started. A few examples are a logo, business card design, website, and Facebook page just to name a few.

You could place each of your startup items in a list of importance and buy what you can afford, or you can get them all on Fiverr.

What is Fiverr?
Fiverr is a low-cost site where you can buy projects (called gigs) for $5.00 each. Most gigs have upgrades you can add if you want an upgraded service. Here are some gigs you can purchase for your business today.

Logo Design
I’m not discounting logo designers in any way, in fact, I started life as a Graphic Designer and understand all the hard work that goes into a great logo design. A good logo design could cost anywhere from $350 – $1500. But at the start of your new agency, you may not have the budget for a great custom logo. You can find some nice logo gigs on Fiverr.

Logo Design on Fiverr

Facebook Banner
As an agency, you can’t say, “I’m not on Facebook.” You have to have a Facebook page for your business. You could probably put one together yourself, but don’t waste time when you can find a gig on Fiverr for $5.00 and have it look professional.

Facebook Banner on Fiverr

Book Cover Design
I don’t care what you say, but everyone judges a book by the cover. I’ve seen many book authors write amazing books but skimp on the cover design. There are hundreds of book cover designers on Fiverr. Give your book the awesome cover it deserves.

Book Cover Design on Fiverr

Blog Posts
I don’t have to explain the importance of quality content, do I? If you don’t like to write content or don’t have a content writer on staff, then you have to outsource it. Good content writers are hard to find and can be costly. A great place to start is on Fiverr. I’ve used content writers several times and was able to get a good 300-word article written for $5.00.

The only downside is that it takes a little longer to get the final draft than a true copywriting service. If you plan in advance, this could work for you.

Blog Post On Fiverr

Video Intro
A professionally designed intro video for your website goes a long way in making your videos look great. Hiring a professional video editor to create a video intro could cost hundreds of dollars. You can find some great intro designers for $5 on fiverr.com

Fiverr video intro

PowerPoint Presentation
One way or another you are going to need a good PowerPoint for your business. They come in handy during webinars and meetups. Nothing looks worse than a DIY PowerPoint. A good design could cost several hundred dollars.

Powerpoint Fiverr Gig

Fiverr is a great resource to help you get started looking professional for very little.