We are all good at what we do, right? We can get leads for our clients but sometimes, they don’t convert those leads. It’s frustrating. Or, they’re seeing good results but they aren’t amazing. You want to knock things out of the park for them. Sometimes, it just doesn’t mesh.

So how do you stand out and differentiate yourself? How do you get your clients the results that leave them in awe? How can you help them convert the leads they’re getting? We have to solve problems for our clients. The bigger the problem you solve, the more profit you’ll have. Solving problems is how you differentiate yourself in the market.

The Agency Concierge could be a game-changer for your business. In this workshop, we unpack exactly how to implement the Agency Concierge Model in your agency to increase retention, drive better results for your clients, stand out in the market place & accelerate your growth.

This powerful new model makes it so your clients get better results, stay with you longer, make you more profit and send you more referrals. You get to become totally unique in your niche and reposition yourself as the agency that generates customers and profit rather than being another one of those “online lead agencies”.

Your new positioning and results build you an incredible reputation, which brings you more qualified leads. You then close more of your sales presentations into clients when you implement Chris’s Concierge Closing System on your own leads.

This new model also opens up a new pathway for higher quality customers that spend more because your new Concierge offer attracts businesses that already have more leads than they can handle! Do not miss this workshop!

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Outline of This Episode

  • [1:22] How to address the challenges digital marketing agencies face
  • [12:29] How Chris discovered the game-changing role for their agency
  • [35:58] Phase #2 of the agency concierge model
  • [44:16] Phase #3 of the agency concierge model
  • [51:24] The average ROI of the agency concierge
  • [1:02:15] How to implement the agency concierge in your business
  • [1:10:25] The “system, setters, sales” process
  • [1:12:23] Pricing for the agency concierge roadmap
  • [1:25:23] How much extra $ you can make with The Concierge
  • [1:39:03] Q&A about The agency concierge model

Phase #1 of the Agency Concierge process

Chris is in the mortgage industry, which is a highly competitive space. His clients are constantly being bombarded with offers from other agencies promising them results. Chris’s agency hit multiple seven figures doing paid media services for clients. One of their clients was ranked #1 on Google and getting phone calls every day.

The client reached out for a private meeting. Chris was expecting a pat and the back and maybe even a video testimonial. Instead, his biggest client canceled their service. Chris was shocked. It made no sense to him. When he asked why, his client said, “The leads are no good.” They lost the client. It was painful.

Out of absolute frustration, Chris went through his account and called the leads. 5–6 people were interested in a mortgage, had good credit, and wanted to move forward. But the mortgage loan officers weren’t picking up their phones.

Sp Chris put out an ad for people who would make phone calls and turn leads into qualified vetted appointments. One of the first people to respond to that ad used to run a call center for a RE/MAX agency. In less than 15 days, they had doubled the number of appointments booked for the clients in their agency, simply by placing someone in between lead gen and appointment booking.

It changed everything. They now have 25 full-time staff members who generate leads and pre-vetted sales appointments for customers. In the first year of discovering this problem and plugging in a concierge agent, they made an additional $1,040,023 in revenue and $849,648 in profit. Chris found a solution to fill the gap for his clients.

Phase #2 of the Agency Concierge process

But that isn’t the only part of the Agency Concierge process. Chris continued to build on its success and implemented phase #2 of the Agency Concierge process. He gathered a list of his client’s past customers to ask for:

  • Repeat business from past clients
  • Immediate referrals from referrals
  • Immediate online reviews (5-star ratings and reviews)

They generated 36 5-star ratings and reviews on a client’s google profile in less than four days. She’s now the best-rated loan officer in her marketplace and it transformed her local SEO.

This process creates instant sales and revenue for clients with no new lead gen or increase in ad spend. You produce more customers by calling past clients. Referrals are the #1 business driver in small businesses.

Phase #3 of the Agency Concierge process

Phase #3 of the Agency Concierge process is using referral partners. A referral partner is someone that can send multiple customers to you every month on an ongoing basis. Orthodontists get a good portion of their business from dentists. A medical spa gets referrals from general practitioners.

The mortgage industry gets referrals from realtors, financial planners, investment advisors, and insurance professionals. Your concierge agent can get a qualified list of referral partners and call them to open a business relationship. What is Chris’s 40×4 process? Listen to find out how it could impact your business!

The average ROI of the Agency Concierge

According to Chris’s research, each concierge can make about 100–150 calls per day. On average, they’ll book 5–10 appointments per day from those calls. But this all varies per niche. So how do you charge for it?

Chris suggests charging $750 per 200 calls This means you can handle 11 customers per concierge. If you’re hiring at $15 per hour and offer a bonus of $2 per appointment, you’re producing $8,250 in revenue and $5,650 in profit per concierge, per month.

How to implement the Agency Concierge in your business

  • Step #1: The entire system is run on HighLevel. You can set up automation, texts, phone calls, etc.
  • Step #2: Put together your campaigns and scripts. Scripting is everything. It’s important to make sure everyone is saying the same thing. Your concierge must be familiar with the inbound and outbound scripts, scripts for referral partners, etc.
  • Step #3: Hire, train, and onboard rockstar appointment setters. This is the trickiest part of the process. Chris offers a two-week onboarding process that can take someone from reasonably good to rockstar.
  • Step #4: Launch your offering. You’ve got to get organized and put together a campaign. Are you going to sell via webinar or live over the phone? How will you convert your list? This is your opportunity to close more business.
  • Step #5: Manage, coach, and maintain KPIs. You have to report phone calls, conversations, and appointments booked consistently. Ask your customers to provide a scorecard reporting the revenue produced by this work. The act of them reporting their revenue because of you helps them stick around.

Chris offers a complete program to help you implement the Agency Concierge program from start to finish with ongoing coaching. Listen to the whole episode to learn more and check out the resources below for a special offer!

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