Listen in as I interview Azhar, Athar, and Yawar Siddiqui about how they grew RepStack into a multiple seven-figure agency! We cover everything from:

  • How they chose their niche
  • The services they provide
  • The mindset they hire for
  • Why they recruit from Pakistan
  • How to manage a virtual team

That’s just the tip of the iceberg. To learn more about hiring a virtual team—and why I think you should hire from RepStack—listen to this agency success interview.

Connect with them and learn more about RepStack here.

Outline of This Episode

  • [1:30] How Azhar, Athar, and Yawar launched RepStack
  • [12:28] The mindset they look for when hiring
  • [17:40] Why they recruit virtual teams from Pakistan
  • [24:07] Why should you use a service like RepStack
  • [33:55] Hiring smart and firing based on values
  • [38:00] How they manage a world-class virtual team
  • [45:24] How agencies can determine where to hire first
  • [51:47] The special offer available for 7FA members
  • [53:04] Don’t forget about the impact you’re making
  • [55:33] How to take your digital agency to the next level

How Azhar, Athar, and Yawar launched RepStack

RepStack has grown their business to a monthly revenue just shy of $200,000 in just two years. Now, they have just over 200 team members and serve over 500 digital marketing agencies.

RepStack provides growth-oriented digital marketing agencies with marketing associates, sales development reps, account managers, and executive assistants. They have great talent they can place in these positions at an affordable cost.

The mindset they look for when hiring

Initially, they struggled to find the right people. As they started growing and learned the type of people that would be successful, they started hiring people with a leadership mindset and coachable personalities. They look for attitude and communication skills—everything else can be taught.

They hire people with 1–2 years of experience and put them through their Success Academy. It takes 1–3 months to complete their hiring process and another 1–3 months in their academy to take courses and get proper training. Only then do these people make it in front of clients. Because they provide top-tier talent, they consistently have a waitlist of between 15–30 people at any given time.

One of their account managers started as an assistant account manager and is now managing and training new account managers. They see success stories like this across the board because of the type of people they bring in.

Why they recruit virtual teams from Pakistan

Azhar and Athar came to the US from Pakistan. All of their education was in Pakistan. When they came to the US, they worked at a VP level at JP Morgan and Chase, and easily felt like they were on a level playing field. They earned among the top 10% of American and Canadian populations.

They knew that people from Pakistan, Bangladesh, India, the Philippines, and Sri Lanka had clean accents and a great mindset. Their Director of Sales closes $20,000–$30,000 every day sitting in Pakistan and no one complains about her English.

Why should you use a service like RepStack?

When RepStack hires someone, they will only place them with an agency that is serious about keeping them as a long-term team member. If an agency isn’t a good fit, they will refer them to companies like Upwork.

Their price point is around $14 an hour for full-time employees, benchmarked with the local US markets. In Tampa, Austin, and Seattle you’d have to pay $65,000–$75,000 for someone to provide the same skillset. Their contract is $26,000 per year.

They’re in the middle on price point but offer a higher class service. Someone from Upwork might be working multiple contracts at the same time. RepStack doesn’t allow moonlighting and each person is only assigned to one digital marketing agency.

You don’t want to waste time on a bad hire. If you use a service like RepStack, you’re getting the best of the best without the hassle. Their team members get full salaries from day one. It’s a lot of time, effort, and money spent to make sure they’re well-trained in every aspect—both business and cultural training. Their team receives continuous training and grows along with the agencies they’re placed in.

The best part? Their research shows that hiring one of their people—which will cost you $26,000—adds at least $200,000 in annual revenue for each client.

Listen to the whole interview to learn how they manage a world-class virtual team, how agencies can determine where to hire first, and how to hire smart.

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