Listen in as I Interview Samuel Klein on how he grew his agency to over $104,000 MRR in his niche. He’ll be sharing some amazing insights on how he grew his agency to seven figures this year!

In this interview we talked about:

  • How he chose his niche
  • What services he provides to his clients
  • What strategies are working best to get new clients
  • How his team delivers results at the highest level possible
  • And much more!

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Outline of This Episode

  • [0:34] Learn more about Samuel’s agency in the commercial cleaning niche
  • [7:12] How Samuel landing on a niche in commercial cleaning
  • [11:09] How Samuel grew his client base in the cleaning vertical
  • [16:34] What’s working to drive leads for Samuel’s clients
  • [20:35] Samuel’s strategies to retain clients 
  • [27:30] 3 pivots Samuel made to accelerate their growth
  • [33:20] How Samuel scaled his team while providing world-class service
  • [40:08] Samuel’s “No Lead Left Behind” program
  • [49:10] The services they offer in the $1,500 package
  • [51:49] Managing a US-based and virtual team
  • [57:29] Samuel’s last piece of advice for accelerating growth

How Samuel grew his client base in the cleaning vertical

Commercial cleaning companies clean businesses, medical spaces, religious facilities, offices, and more. Samuel had the opportunity to do SEO for a cleaning company owned by a friend. He knew he could gain experience and learn without being afraid of making a mistake and learning from it. It’s also a large niche, with more than 10,000 companies making over $1.5 million per year. 

Samuel asked his friend for referrals. He started working with three new clients. He continued to ask for referrals until he had built the business to $20,000–$30,000 a month. He reached out personally to his dream 100 list on LinkedIn using Loom videos. He also invites people to free webinars, offers free consultations, etc. to draw them in. 

What’s working to drive leads for Samuel’s clients? Listen to find out!

Samuel’s strategies to retain clients 

Samuel asks clients to sign a six-month contract because that’s the time they need to begin to drive real results. It also gets the client to buy into the process. But their key retention strategy is their coaching calls. For the first 8 weeks with a client, they meet with their team weekly. After that, they shift to bi-weekly calls. They share the screen, walk them through the Highlevel CRM, brainstorm ideas and priorities, and more. What else is a key part of their retention strategy? Keep listening. 

3 pivots Samuel made to accelerate their growth

How did Samuel embrace the process and pivot to grow quickly?

  1. Committing to a niche: This is something we encourage everyone to do immediately. When you commit to a niche and say “no” to other clients, it allows you to build systems and processes to accelerate your growth. 
  2. Be part of a like-minded community: You can learn from others who have scaled faster and have more experience. It allows you to ask questions and learn from other people’s mistakes.
  3. Focus on sales: Measure everything that you’re doing and schedule strategy sessions and appointments consistently to continue to build (Samuel shoots for 25 strategy sessions and usually lands around 15). 

Samuel’s “No Lead Left Behind” program

You need 10–12 touchpoints to close a client—and sometimes to just get a meeting. Each sales process and pipeline has its own stages. Once you get a lead in the cleaning industry, they give them a call, set an appointment, send a proposal, and follow up until you get a second meeting or an answer. 

Samuel took the main stages of the pipeline for their industry and created a campaign for each stage. It’s all about the right message at the right time to the right person. They have eight different types of email campaigns. 

They have a campaign for prospecting, which is cold email and LinkedIn messages. They have a campaign for proposal follow-up that empowers them to take action. Every campaign incorporates different means of communication. It’s about leveraging and offering value in every stage of a client’s life cycle. 

How Samuel scaled his team while providing world-class service

Samuel is Venezualan and speaks the language, which he’s found to be a huge advantage in his niche. They’re able to do many campaigns in Spanish. And when Samuel started his agency, he didn’t have the money to hire US-based talent. So he started reaching out to people on LinkedIn with experience in the agency world who lived in Latin America. He shared what they do and set up phone calls. That’s how he hired and built a team of 16 full-time employees.

Hiring is a time-consuming process. It will take time to get the right person. Samuel doesn’t waste time interviewing people who aren’t a good fit. They have to mesh with the company values (anyone can be taught specific skills). 

Samuel builds relationships with potential candidates and when the time is right, he’ll make a full-time offer. He’ll do what he can to hire in advance to keep up with growth, so it doesn’t hurt his ability to retain clients and grow. 

The cost differential is large but you’re paying a nice salary in Latin America and still saving money. It can change those people’s lives. Hiring a workforce in Latin America is more expensive than the Philippines but more cost-efficient than hiring in the US. 

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